Amazon’s Seller Base Swells by 5 Million Since 2018

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Joining the Amazon marketplace has become a daily norm, with over 2,000 new sellers entering the platform every day. This steady influx of entrepreneurs highlights Amazon’s stronghold as the go-to platform for entrepreneurs.

Research from Marketplace Pulse reveals a staggering addition of nearly 5 million sellers to Amazon’s roster since 2018. Approximately 40% of these sellers have joined the U.S. marketplace, with the remainder spread across the twenty international marketplaces. Among these international markets, Brazil emerges as one of the fastest-growing, both in terms of traffic and seller count.

While shoppers may not perceive the magnitude of this growth directly, it significantly impacts the platform’s dynamics. Amazon’s strategy no longer hinges solely on increasing sales through a larger seller base; rather, sellers contribute to the competitive pool that influences consumer choices. Their products, traffic generation, and marketing efforts collectively shape the platform’s landscape.

Amazon announced its first-quarter results, where net sales surged by 13% to $143.3 billion compared to the previous year’s $127.4 billion. The North America segment witnessed a 12% increase in sales to $86.3 billion, while international segment sales grew by 10% to $31.9 billion, or 11% when adjusted for foreign exchange rate fluctuations. Additionally, AWS segment sales soared by 17% year-over-year to $25.0 billion.