August 2023 E-commerce Insights: Start-of-Month News Review

Welcome to our start-of-month review of the most important news in the e-commerce industry. We’ve gathered the latest updates and insights to keep you informed about the trends and events shaping the sector. Let’s dive in!

Zalando Launches Size Recommendations Based on Customer’s Body Measurements for DACH Region

In an effort to improve the online shopping experience and reduce returns, Zalando has introduced a new feature that provides size recommendations based on customers’ body measurements. 

Customers in the DACH region will be able to receive size advice based on their unique measurements by just taking two pictures of themselves.

The feature uses machine learning algorithms to predict the best fit for each customer, taking into account the fit information of different brands and styles. This initiative is expected to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce the environmental impact of returns.


WooCommerce Merchants Can Now Sell on TikTok

WooCommerce, the open-source e-commerce platform developed by WordPress, has announced a partnership with TikTok, enabling its merchants to sell their products directly through the social media platform. This move is expected to significantly boost the visibility and sales of small businesses, especially those targeting the younger demographic prevalent on TikTok. The integration also includes features for ad targeting, making it easier for businesses to reach their desired audience.


Zalando Introduces ‘Save Now, Pay Later’ Option For German Customers

Zalando, the Berlin-based fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform, has launched a new payment option called ‘Save Now, Pay Later’ for German customer. This feature allows customers to reserve items in their shopping cart for up to 30 days without immediate payment. The move is seen as a strategic attempt to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase customer loyalty. It also provides customers with greater flexibility, allowing them to secure items during sales or when stock is low.


ChannelEngine to Accelerate $7.4 trillion in Global Ecommerce volume by 2025 with Adobe Commerce

ChannelEngine is proud to announce it has joined the Adobe Technology Partner Program. As part of this, ChannelEngine will offer an extension with Adobe Commerce so merchants can sell to more than 700+ marketplaces globally, dramatically scaling their existing revenue opportunities while also enabling them to instantly enter new international markets.  

By joining the Adobe Technology Partner Program, ChannelEngine will be an official Adobe partner that merchants can leverage to grow their commerce business with ChannelEngine’s integrations to global marketplace giants like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Zalando, and many more. This includes being able to integrate and share data seamlessly between ChannelEngine and Adobe Commerce, increasing efficiency and accuracy. 


Handelsmarken Becoming More Popular Among Consumers Due to Price Increases  

As prices continue to rise, consumers are increasingly turning to store brands (Handelsmarken) when shopping. A recent study found that 83% of consumers now have an almost equal preference for store brands and branded products. This trend is expected to continue as consumers seek value for money in the face of economic uncertainty.


Amazon Prime Day’s Environmental Impact

Amazon’s annual Prime Day event has been criticized for its environmental impact, with concerns raised about the carbon footprint of increased deliveries and packaging waste. The e-commerce giant has responded by highlighting its Climate Pledge and commitment to renewable energy. However, environmentalists argue that the company needs to do more to offset the environmental impact of such large-scale events, suggesting measures like carbon-neutral shipping and more sustainable packaging.


Amazon to Implement Pay-by-Palm Technology in Whole Foods Stores 

Amazon plans to roll out its biometric payment technology, Amazon One, to all Whole Foods stores by the end of the year. The technology allows customers to pay for their purchases by simply waving their palm over a sensor. This move is seen as part of Amazon’s broader strategy to streamline the shopping experience and reduce friction at the point of sale. However, it has also raised privacy concerns, as it involves the collection and storage of biometric data.


Barbie Movie Merchandise to Boost Sales for Bloomingdale’s, Gap, and Aldo

Retailers Bloomingdale’s, Gap, and Aldo are partnering with Mattel to release exclusive Barbie movie merchandise. The move is expected to boost sales and attract a younger demographic to these brands. The collaboration includes a range of products from clothing to accessories, all inspired by the iconic Barbie brand. This strategy highlights the growing trend of leveraging popular culture and nostalgia in retail marketing.


Henkel Creates Personalized Customer Experiences with Adobe Experience Cloud

Henkel, the German chemical and consumer goods company, is leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud to create personalized customer experiences. The company is using data-driven insights to tailor its marketing efforts and deliver personalized content across multiple touchpoints. This approach is helping Henkel to improve customer engagement and drive growth in its e-commerce business.


Microsoft Deepens Relationship with PayPal to Offer Simple, Flexible Payment Options 

Microsoft is deepening its relationship with PayPal to offer more flexible payment options. PayPal’s Pay Later solution will be available in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. Additionally, customers in the U.S. will have the option to pay with Venmo in the Microsoft Store. This collaboration is expected to enhance the shopping experience by providing customers with more convenient and flexible payment options.


Stay tuned for more updates and insights in our mid-month review!


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