December 2023 E-commerce Insights End-of-Month News Review

December 2023 has been a month marked by significant shifts, innovative breakthroughs, and strategic maneuvers that are shaping the future of online retail. From the closure of well-known brands to groundbreaking technological advancements and pivotal financial movements, these developments provide a glimpse into the trends and challenges that will continue to influence the e-commerce landscape. In this December End-of-Month News Review, we delve into the key stories that have defined the industry this month, offering insights into the changing face of digital commerce.

Global E-commerce News

Zulily Shuts Down Amid Competitive Pressures

Zulily, once a prominent name in online retail for children’s and women’s apparel (with $9bln (!) valuation), is closing its operations. The company’s decision reflects the intense competition and financial challenges within the e-commerce sector. Zulily’s journey from a high valuation to closure highlights the volatile nature of the online retail market. The company’s aggressive social media advertising strategy was notable, but ultimately it struggled to compete with larger e-commerce giants.

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Boots Prepares AI-Powered Personal Shopper

Boots, a major British retailer, is set to revolutionize online shopping with its AI-powered personal shopper. This innovative tool, focusing on beauty products, aims to enhance the digital shopping experience. The AI shopper is designed to provide personalized recommendations, reflecting the growing trend of using technology to tailor the customer experience. Boots’ move into AI-driven retail solutions is a significant step towards integrating advanced technology in everyday shopping.

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Dutch Online Export Hits €76 Billion in 2021

Dutch companies reached a milestone in 2021, exporting €76 billion worth of goods and services online. This impressive figure represented 14% of the total exports from the Netherlands, showcasing the country’s robust e-commerce capabilities. The significant growth in cross-border sales underlines the Netherlands’ strategic role in the European online market. This development also reflects the global trend of increasing reliance on e-commerce for international trade.

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Olsam Group Acquires

The Olsam Group’s acquisition of marks a significant expansion in the European e-commerce landscape. This move strengthens Olsam’s position, particularly in off-Amazon platforms and omni-channel strategies. The acquisition is expected to bring new capabilities to Olsam, especially in trading on platforms like It also signifies the increasing trend of mergers and acquisitions in the e-commerce sector as companies strive for diversification and growth.

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Marketplaces Now Account for Over 60% of Global E-commerce Spend

Online marketplaces have become the dominant force in global e-commerce, accounting for approximately 60% of all spending. This shift is largely driven by specialist models that cater to niche customer needs. The rise of these platforms challenges the dominance of generalist marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. This trend indicates a significant shift in consumer preferences towards more specialized and curated online shopping experiences.

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Wholesale Procurement Platform Qogita Raises €80 Million

Qogita’s emergence from stealth with an €80 million Series B funding marks a new phase in the wholesale e-commerce sector. Focusing on the health and beauty sector, Qogita aims to simplify and optimize procurement for small and medium-sized retailers. This funding round underscores the potential for innovation and growth in niche e-commerce platforms. Qogita’s platform is set to transform the way retailers source wholesale products, offering a streamlined and efficient solution.

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Online Holiday Sales Grow According to Mastercard SpendingPulse

Mastercard SpendingPulse reports a notable increase in online holiday sales for 2023, with a 6.3% growth compared to the previous year. This growth outpaced the increase in in-store sales, highlighting the ongoing shift towards online shopping. The report reflects changing consumer behaviors, especially during key shopping seasons like the holidays. This trend is a clear indicator of the growing preference for online shopping, which continues to reshape the retail landscape.

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The Platform Group AG Fully Acquires Möbelfirst

The Platform Group AG’s complete acquisition of Möbelfirst marks a strategic expansion in the luxury furniture online market. Möbelfirst, known for its high-end furniture offerings, has seen significant growth under The Platform Group AG’s majority ownership. This acquisition is expected to further strengthen Möbelfirst’s position in the market. The move highlights The Platform Group AG’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the e-commerce sector, particularly in luxury goods.

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December 2023 has been a month of notable changes and advancements in the e-commerce industry. From strategic acquisitions to technological innovations, these developments are shaping the future of online retail. As we step into the new year, these trends are expected to continue influencing the e-commerce landscape, offering both challenges and opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.