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E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024 First Speakers Announced

What’s one of the most exciting things about conferences? It’s the speakers – because they make it lively and informative. Today, the organizers are to tell you a bit more about the first names announced for the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024. And they do have big news to share!

About E-commerce Berlin Expo

The E-commerce Berlin Expo is one of the most significant e-commerce conferences globally, and particularly prominent in Europe. Scheduled for the 22nd of February 2024 at Station Berlin, the Expo has a history of surpassing its previous editions – each time emerging larger and more impactful. 

The Expo has consistently set new benchmarks, evolving to offer more insights, opportunities, and innovations with each new edition. 

What’s new for EBE 2024

In preparation for the 2024 edition, the E-commerce Berlin Expo is excited to introduce several enhancements to its format:

More discussion panels

The organizers recognized the immense value of open discussions and exchanging ideas, so the upcoming Expo will feature more discussion panels than last year. With these panels featuring e-commerce experts, they plan to encourage deeper insights and more dynamic exchanges among industry leaders and participants.

New stage on the block

In their commitment to innovation, the Expo will feature five stages, including one dedicated entirely to innovations and artificial intelligence. This new addition underscores Expo’s focus on the cutting-edge developments that are not only reshaping – but revolutionizing – the e-commerce landscape.

(Even) more value

The Expo organizers’ goal is to ensure that every participant, especially those in the DACH online market, gains substantial benefits from the event. To do that, the organizers focus on delivering even more value than before. Beyond networking opportunities, they aim to provide actionable insights and strategies that can be directly applied to their businesses.

Premium masterclasses

The masterclass sessions are making a spectacular comeback this year! With solution-based presentations and small groups, participants can take advantage of masterclasses to the fullest extent possible. Masterclasses are free to attend but will include a registration process – so keep an eye out for the opportunity to sign up and engage in these in-depth learning experiences directly from industry professionals and brands. 

First speakers

It’s just a glimpse of what’s to come. 

Representing just a fraction of the entire agenda, these speakers are the forerunners of an extensive lineup of industry experts set to grace the event:

  • Holger Koch, Team Lead Development Berlin @Schwarz IT
  • Ralf Priemer, Co-Founder and CEO @Channel Pilot Solutions
  • Daniel Guenther, Lead Performance Marketing @Casio Europe
  • Marios I. Moumtzidis, Head of eCommerce @schlafgut
  • Javier Artal Herbella, Head Of Business Development @Samsøe Samsøe
  • Stefan Westman, Marketing Manager @Voyado
  • Aleš Malucha, Chief Automation Officer @knuspr.de (Rohlik Group)
  • Dr. Jan Zizka, CEO @Brightpick
  • Dr. Anamika Datta, Senior Product Manager @Zalando
  • Corinna Hohenleitner, Director CEU, Activation @Criteo
  • Dorit Posdorf, Chief Commercial Officer @flaconi
  • Norman Nielsen, VP Growth @OMIO
  • Alexander Holzknecht, Chief Commercial Officer @Matsmart-Motatos
  • Sebastian Atanassov, Revenue Optimization Lead @Pepper Media Holding
  • Robert Hein, Founder @Olution Advisory Services
  • Florian Müller, Country Manager DACH @Fiverr
  • Opeyemi Olomo, Director Digital Partnerships and Innovation @Citi
  • Pascal Fantou, Global Digital Growth & Strategy @Miele X 
  • Katharina Stapel, Specialist in Behavioral Economics, Sales Processes, and Conversion Rate @Stapelfux
  • Alena Schneck, Co-Founder and MD @toern
  • Viktoria Danielzok, Ecosystem Manager @Sendcloud
  • Raphael Mielke, Senior Partnerships Manager @Hive
  • Efe von Thenen, CMO @ePages

Can’t wait for the 2024 event? Get inspired by the 2023 edition!

Can’t wait to see what’s coming in the 2024 E-commerce Berlin Expo? This isn’t surprising at all!
Get ready for an amazing 2024 show! Don’t forget to sign up for free to secure your ticket.

See what the EBE has been up to from last year’s event on their YouTube playlist. It’s full of great talks and moments from 2023 that’ll get you excited for what’s next, so start watching here: