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E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024 First Speakers Announced
What’s one of the most exciting things about conferences? It’s the speakers – because they make it lively and informative. Today, the organizers are to tell you a bit more about the first names announced for the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024. And they do have big news to share! About E-commerce Berlin Expo The E-commerce Berlin Expo is one of the most significant e-commerce conferences globally, and particularly prominent in…
CEE delivery methods: likes, dislikes, and preferences
Delivery methods are not just a logistical concern – they are a pivotal aspect of customer satisfaction and business success. Initially, it was about IF the package is delivered, but now it’s also about HOW and WHEN it’s delivered. E-commerce players are forced to rethink their logistics and check if they are up to par. This is especially true in the diverse market of Central and Eastern Europe.  Here, understanding…
Online Fashion Consumer Insights – RetailX Fashion Sector Report
Introduction Despite the economic downturns, online fashion sales remain significantly above the pre-Covid days. With 41% of consumers buying fashion online weekly, online fashion shopping accounts for one-fifth of the total E-Commerce revenue. Just like its mainstream retail counterpart, online fashion is one of the major sectors of E-Commerce. The RetailX Fashion Sector Report explores the resilience of online fashion in the changing macroeconomic environments and provides insights into consumer…
Expo and Awards News Trends
Celebrate Innovation and Excellence with the E-commerce Germany Awards
Berlin, Germany – The E-commerce Germany Awards are back, bringing excitement and recognition to the world of online business. This prestigious event, held in the lively city of Berlin, is where the most creative and progressive e-commerce businesses gather to celebrate their achievements. About E-commerce Germany Awards The E-commerce Germany Awards stand out as the most important competition in the country for e-commerce service providers. It’s a big event that…
The Anatomy of The Central and Eastern European (CEE) E-commerce Customer
Looking at the Central and Eastern European market for your next big e-commerce venture?  Or, perhaps you’re already operating in the region but want to increase your sales? Either way, you’re in the right place.  The CEE market is filled with opportunities, but it also comes with its unique set of challenges and customer behaviors. Our comprehensive guide will shed light on CEE e-commerce customers. We’ll explore what makes them…
6 tips to nail your Black Friday 2023 pricing strategy 
Maximizing success during the frenzy of Black Friday requires more than just slashing prices—it demands a carefully crafted pricing strategy. In order to outshine the competition and maximize shoppers, retailers must navigate a landscape of discounts, promotions, and consumer expectations.  With the retail battleground set to heat up once again, this article highlights six key tips to master your Black Friday pricing strategy. From setting clear objectives to wielding the…
Notifications in the Post-Purchase Journey Report 2023

Cross-border e-commerce has gained significant popularity in recent years due to the growth of digital technology, globalization, and the increasing consumer demand for access to a wider range of products from different countries. Find out everything you should know about this concept.

SEO-safe e-commerce platform migration – preserve your ranks
Let’s say that you’ve got your SEO game on point and the results are just mind-blowing. Your website traffic is skyrocketing and the visitors are actually interested in what you’re selling. Plus, you’ve nailed the top spots in organic searches, and it’s like having a cheat code for success. But wait. Can you sustain all these beautiful results while migrating your store to a new e-commerce platform? Although it might…
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Berlin event you can’t miss – K5 FUTURE RETAIL CONFERENCE 2023 – agenda highlights
The K5 FUTURE RETAIL CONFERENCE 2023 is fast approaching. On 20th and 21st of June 2023, the ESTREL Berlin will once again turn into the place to be and host the largest e-commerce summit in the DACH region. To heighten your anticipation a bit more and to stay true to their tagline #learnfromthebest #meetthebest #bethebest, our friends from the K5 are presenting you the first top speakers of this year’s…
Europe E-Commerce Logistics Market Report 2023
As the global economy continues its steady recovery from the pandemic-associated disruptions, the e-commerce sector around the world remains resilient and dynamic. Spurred on by changing customer tastes and the need to surmount the several challenges facing the e-commerce industry, logistics companies have continued to provide innovative solutions for their customers.  In this report, our media partner Parcel Monitor explores the state of e-commerce and delivery performance metrics of select…
5 actionable tips for better Amazon Ads in 2023 
Unbelievable: 9 out of 10 Germans have shopped at Amazon at some point. However, only a few of them realize how much the SERPs are plastered with ads: Almost 70% (Source: Remazing x appinio Study) do not identify the top products as ad placements. A glaring opportunity for all E-Commerce peeps! In this article, we will dive into the basics of Amazon Ads and how you can improve them in…