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E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe XXL with special speaker lineup!

On 9th November 2017 the E-Commerce agency Flagbit from Karlsruhe will host the 31st E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe as a special edition. The #ecommka XXL will take place in the Kesselhaus Färberei in Karlsruhe and is going to present a lineup of high-class / top C-level speakers from the German-speaking e-commerce and marketing industry. The highlights on the #ecommka stage: Philipp Westermeyer (CEO Online Marketing Rockstars), Alain Veuve (CEO Accounto Technology AG), Alexander Graf (CEO Spryker and und André Morys (CEO Web Arts AG and KonversionsKRAFT).

The E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe has grown to one of Germany´s largest e-commerce events on a regular basis. On 9th November it will already be the 31st forum, which is also the final event of the E-Commerce Forum Year 2017! Therefore the event is going to have a much bigger frame and is going to be an XXL version in a classy event location to discuss current ecommerce and marketing topics with the speakers and attendees.

The topics

The digital transformation of companies and commerce is in full swing. New business models and startups are emerging at an unprecedented speed and thanks to their digital DNA they are putting traditional companies under high pressure. At the same time, large platforms, the so-called GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) are increasingly gaining influence on consumers and bundling customer access through their channels, devices and operating systems. The internet is not only constantly revolutionizing our way of communication, but also the way we trade and exchange goods and services. Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Assistants, Blockchain, Internet of Things (Iot) – these are the current topics of digitalization, but quite often just buzzwords!

With Alexander Graf, Alain Veuve, Philipp Westermeyer and André Morys four absolute experts and prominent faces from the various ranges of e-commerce and marketing will be on the #ecommka stage in November presenting what really matters in the online trade and the digital transformation and where growth potentials hide. The already proved serveral times at numerous congresses, events and on their own channels, that they not only deliver an entertaining show, but above all high-quality and relevant content!

The Speakers

Alexander Graf is one of the best known personalities in German e-commerce industry. He is CEO and Founder of Spryker Systems, a still young and innovative commerce operating system, and author on his blog and of the “E-Commerce Book”!

Alain Veuve is CEO of Accounto Technology AG and Member of the Agile & Digital Transformation Advisory Board at AOE. He is an expert on agile development and agile company culture and blogs regularly about the digital transformation on

Philipp Westermeyer is founder and CEO of Online Marketing Rockstars. Each year he organizes the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival in Hamburg, where he hosts Marketing Stars from around the globe.

André Morys is Mr. Conversion Optimization! He is CEO at Web Arts AG and founder of KonversionsKRAFT also lecturer at Fachhochschule Würzburg and author of the book “Conversion Optimierung”.

9th November 2017 – the e-commerce highlight in Karlsruhe!

The program for the E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe XXL in 9th November is set up and also the appropriate ambience for such an event is ensured! To round off the evening, Flagbit and its partner Inxmail will provide drinks and excellent finger food from the Kessehaus kitchen, which is all included in the ticket price.

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