Gain New Insights Into the Cross-Border Payments and E-commerce Space – The Paypers’ New Report

With an educative undertone and a clear aim to address the challenges and subsequent emerging opportunities that the current cross-border payments and e-commerce landscape has to offer, the Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report 2023–2024 follows an intuitive structure that allows you to dive into specific trends and ways to solve the challenges faced when considering an international expansion.

How can this report help you get ahead of the competition?

From an economic perspective, we are now at a crossroads of sorts. In 2023, the global economy managed to avoid a recession, but there was a noticeable decrease in growth. Even more so, experts predict that 2024 will be an even more challenging year. 

At a time plagued by uncertainty, when failure – even more than before – is not an option, businesses interested in expanding across borders must tread carefully, take all risks into account, and strategically leverage the resources at hand to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the local challenges they might face.

The fifth edition of the Cross-Border Payments and E-commerce Report continues the tradition of bringing together experts in various fields and offers crucial information to parties who may be considering expanding their operations internationally. The report emphasises the significance of leveraging strategic partners, such as payment orchestrators, and provides a thorough analysis of emerging trends and technologies that can help reduce costs. 

What are the main trending topics covered in the report?

Apart from contributions focused on providing solutions to the current pain points businesses are facing, the report offers a deep dive into: 

  • Payment orchestration and how to optimise authorisation and conversion rates;
  • Latest innovations and the growth of the B2B payments and ecommerce sector;
  • Insights into regulations, including Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0 and ISO 20022;
  • Region-specific initiatives and trends to watch for gaining a competitive edge;
  • B2C e-commerce – future perspectives on retail and digital goods;
  • The use of AI and GenAI in e-commerce and finance;
  • The potential of social selling in cross-border trade;
  • Payment preferences and local trends of consumers in the US, Australia, and Spain;
  • Finding the right payments partner to help you navigate global currencies, transform localisation into a key success factor, improve performance with payment optimisation, and strategise for international growth.

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Apart from first-hand insights from thought leaders representing merchants, fintech companies, marketplaces, PSPs, payment orchestrators and acquirers, FX service providers, logistics companies, and top consultants, the report includes two infographics that can help you get a clearer picture of the field of global payments and e-commerce:

  • The first infographic outlines the capabilities of some of the key payment orchestration platforms (POPs). To provide you with the most accurate information, we contacted them to confirm whether they offer fraud capabilities as an additional service, acquiring services, and the types of tokenization they extend to their customers.
  • The report also features a series of infographics focusing on marketplaces and platforms. To offer a clearer understanding of their capabilities, we further classified them based on three variables: the regions where they are present, the verticals in which they operate, and the target groups that they address. The result is a valuable resource for successfully navigating the online platforms and marketplaces space.

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