How Residential Proxies Are Useful For Businesses

Residential proxies are great tools that can be used to improve the effectiveness of businesses through profitable online activities. 

Think about instances when you want to obtain or verify some data online to benefit your business.

There are possibilities that the data from some websites might be fed with fake information without your knowledge.

Websites are now personalizing the content they display to their visitors based on visitors’:

  • IP addresses
  • Geographical locations
  • Demographic data
  • Behaviors online

What does this mean for businesses? It implies that you shouldn’t base your decision on whatever you see by browsing your competitors’ websites.

It might only be some fake, personalized content. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about this without the use of a proxy.

That’s why it’s becoming more critical than ever for businesses to utilize residential proxies.

You need the residential proxies to trick websites into obtaining what you want for your business’ gain.

By receiving an alternative IP address from providers, businesses can use legal channels for numerous advantages.

Before looking at how residential proxies can benefit businesses, let’s find out what residential proxies are.

Understanding Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are tools that enable users to choose a particular location and then browse the web as if they’re real users situated in the selected area. 

So, proxies are intermediaries used to protect users by concealing their IP addresses. They act as substitute IP addresses given to users by the provider.

In this case, all search requests made by the user are directed through the proxy IP to the proxy server and then to the resource server.

That way, all the user’s activities on the web are hidden, and the identity remains unknown. What happens is that; any request sent appears like the one sent by a real person in that particular location.

Therefore, if there’s a need to send several requests, residential proxies enable you to send them via different IP addresses.

Best of all, you can send the requests as if you’re located in any country, city, or even from a particular local ISPs.

How Can You Use Residential Proxies to Benefit Your Business?

To Monitor Market Prices

To keep your clients entertained with your products or services, you must continually monitor and observe market pricing trends.

You don’t want the overpricing of your products to scare away potential customers. You also want to avoid underpricing your products and experience losses or get customers doubting your products’ quality.

With residential proxies, you manage to control the online intelligence tools. As a result, you benefit from timely market price updates.

Your sales intelligence software gathers data that is analyzed appropriately to enhance your business with high-quality information.

Generally, residential proxies enable you to use different sales intelligence software. With the information gained, you can do things like:

  • Market analysis
  • Price monitoring
  • Price comparison

All the above enable you to come up with friendly prices for your products, which benefit your customers and your business.

Businesses that often scrutinize their competitors’ websites to analyze prices need to use numerous rotating residential proxies. It helps them to avoid being labeled as data collectors or competitors.

Any time a website notices that you’re not a regular user, but instead, a data collector or competitor, they can do two things.

They can block your bot access to their site, or they might feed you with the wrong information unknowingly.

However, sending your competitor’s website numerous requests by rotating their IP addresses will work things out for you. Why?

Because you appear to your competitor as a regular visitor trying to purchase their products; thus, there’s no risk of getting blocked or being fed with wrong data.

So, through IP rotation, you can comfortably find out how your competitors price their goods depending on their users’ locations.

With the data you obtain, you can make necessary adjustments to the pricing of your products to entice customers from various regions.

To Conduct Internet Marketing

The Internet market is a comprehensive platform for website owners looking for different ways to outdo their business competitors.

With increased market competitiveness, the best way your business can survive is by studying the strategies of your competitors.

Ensure you take advantage of the potency of residential proxies to maximize your marketing influence.

Try best to use internet marketing channels that can enhance your market reach. Such may include:

  • Email automation
  • Ads automation
  • Social media campaigns

For Ad Verifications

Perhaps you do not use ads blocker on your browser. In such cases, you might have realized how Google ads keep changing on the websites you visit and as your activities change online.

You might not know that; the ads displayed to you as someone in Asia may be different from the same ads shown to someone in the United States.

So, how can you, as a Google competitor in Asia, identify the types of ads displayed to the United States audience so that you can attract their advert partners? The solution is with the use of residential proxies.

Ad verification is one widespread use of residential proxies. They offer the means of monitoring and verifying ads that appear on your pages. This enables you to identify and block suspicious ads.

With the right residential proxy, you can select residential or mobile IPs for appropriate ad tracking, media monitoring, and content compliance.

All these are important reasons why you need to consider residential IPs for your ad verification.

Besides, the likes of Google cannot know if you’re using a residential proxy for your business’s advantage.

This is because every request made is routed via residential IP addresses connected to home addresses.

To Monitor Software Testing and Performance

Do you want to test new features for mobile apps and websites? If yes, residential proxies are appropriate for this purpose.

As a business developer, you get to see how your software works for clients in different locations.

Furthermore, sending various requests using multiple residential IP addresses is beneficial in testing the software’s behavior in case of a high load.

On the same note, this technology helps in performance monitoring. International companies want to discover how fast users from a specific country access their websites.

Software developers will mostly have their presence in one country and a target market in more than one country.

Take the example of mobile applications like AirDroid and Xender. They are free mobile apps found on Google Play Store. They use Hotspot or WiFi technologies to share files.

Mobile apps are famous worldwide. However, the applications are generated in one country with only one office. Yet, people outside their headquarters offices still utilize the applications.

So, how do they measure the performance of these applications in regions where they don’t have a presence? They have only two options to achieve this.

They can outsource the testing of the software and their performances to people residing in those countries. But, best of all, they can make use of a residential proxy.

Using residential proxies is the most cost-effective option here, and it’s what most software developers use in their businesses.

That’s why businesses are now using residential proxy IP addresses to gain relevant information. The same information helps in putting their businesses at a competitive edge.

For Web Scraping Purposes

Web scraping entails the use of bots to collect data automatically from public online sources. 

Bots are software that operate automated tasks on the internet.

Over the last few years, increased internet and device speeds have made scraping tools more effective and powerful.

This explains why there are businesses that are now based entirely on web scraping. 

For example, websites that focus on price comparison to improve businesses often compare the information they scrape from internet service providers.

With web scraping, you can collect the latest information that can be critical in business decision-making.

Take the example of smaller markets. They can use web scraping to scrutinize their competitors. In return, they can come up with the most attractive fresh deals.

Suppose you want to analyze a competitor’s website’s SEO. Maybe your target is collecting information on the keywords that your competitor uses for market promotion.

You may also need information about the pages that are optimized for higher performance.

To achieve the above, you require a scraping script. Picking an advanced web scraping solution will give you optimal flexibility, and most importantly will allow you to automate the major processes involved, saving you time and effort in a few scenarios. This scraper will connect you to the target website, which analyzes through its pages, and then downloads essential information regarding taglines, headers, and keywords used.

The scraping software can also explore the search engine results pages to acquire the target keywords you’re looking for.

This is when you might discover that the search engine and the target website’s owners may not be happy with your activities.

Usually, website owners don’t like it when someone analyzes their website and content to discover how to outshine them in business.

Moreover, Web scrapers that keep sending many requests risk getting banned for slowing the website’s loading speed.

Search engines also do not entertain the over exploiting of online data to get results.

In such cases, both the website owners and the search engine can block your bot.

As mentioned earlier, it can turn out worse if the competitor’s website decides to feed the bot with fake data. You will end up using the wrong information to make critical business decisions, leading to errors and losses.

Particularly when it comes to SEO, if you adopt a promotion strategy based on fake information, you might spend too much on marketing and bear no fruits in the long run.

So, how do you handle such cases?

How Residential Proxies Can Help Solve Scraping-Related Issues

To conduct web scraping successfully, the user needs to work with a system that ensures effective automated data collection and a real-person behavior imitation.

So, to benefit most from the process, you need to put an IP address in your data requesting activities.

Now, this is where residential proxies come in. They act as the ideal tools that help maintain efficiency and avoid bannings.

A residential proxy helps you bypass a website’s anti-scraping measures by connecting you to a residential server.

These servers imitate real users, hence decreasing the chances of websites detecting any bot activity. It allows you to submit a large number of requests without the worry that you might be blocked.

Therefore, if you want to collect various information from a business competitor’s website without the fear of being blocked, residential proxies can be your perfect solution. You get to avoid scraping-related problems.

By using residential proxies appropriately, data collection can profit businesses extensively. 

Scraping leads, prices, or other vital information from competitor websites to create your data sets for sales is an excellent opportunity for your business to earn more money.

Key Takeaways

Residential proxies offer businesses more advantages than you could ever think of. 

Can you imagine when you can engage customers from different cities or countries as if you’re there?

These tools can replicate real human characteristics and take your business to greater heights. 

Most importantly, they help protect your online privacy.

So, for business owners looking to expand their operations by seeking new opportunities and attracting customers from different regions, a residential proxy is the tool for you.

It’s no wonder statistics reveal that, with residential proxies, there’s a 300% increase in profits from web scraping activities. This is mainly due to the faster acquisition of high-quality data that will benefit businesses.