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Shopsys hits the road to share their technology and know-how in 4 countries

Shopsys Roadshow 2018

Six cities, four countries, one purpose to share their know-how on creating large ecommerce solutions. Shopsys‘ best developers, project managers, and agile development experts are coming to you to give you their best tips and tricks and to show you how it’s all done at Shopsys. They will also introduce their platform, Shopsys Framework.

“Over the course of 15 years, we’ve learned how to create and further develop leading B2B and B2C projects. We’re giving away a part of our know-how through the Shopsys Framework, our scalable open-source ecommerce platform that we released on September 18, 2018. But we want to go even further and walk you through it in person – that’s why we’re hitting the road,” says Petr Svoboda, founder and CEO of Shopsys.

“The afternoon meetings will revolve around lectures on modern technologies with a focus on ecommerce developers. Architecture, containerization, orchestration, code quality, and automatized deployment are just some of the topics that we want to cover and discuss. Parallel to that, there will be discussions for project managers and development team leaders. Shopsys Roadshow will give you the opportunity to get to know the Shopsys Framework better, as well as to learn how it actually helps large online stores,” adds Lukáš Heinz, CTO of Shopsys.

“We regularly organize conferences such as ShopCamp, Barcamp Ostrava, and PHPlive with the goal of pushing the Czech online community forward. In 2016 we started publishing EXEC, a magazine targeting managers throughout the world of ecommerce. Shopsys Roadshow is our next step towards educating the community and sharing our experience with developing online stores,” says Lukáš Havlásek, CEO of Shopsys.

Shopsys Roadshow 2018 Schedule

The roadshow will kick off on October 4, 2018, in Ostrava where Shopsys head office is located. After stopping in Prague and Brno, Shopsys Roadshow will cross borders and they’ll pay a visit to Bratislava, Cracow, and Berlin. The company perceives Poland and Germany as key markets for their first steps towards expanding abroad with the Shopsys Framework.

The event is primarily designed for in-house development teams of online stores. If you’re just deciding which route to take when developing or changing your ecommerce platform, come to Shopsys roadshow for advice.

You can find more details and sign up on the official Roadshow website.