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Top 29 German SaaS Companies in 2021

Germany is one of Europe’s leading SaaS powerhouses, enticing a handsome capital and a promising market to see growth. Home to various fostering innovations and a multitude of global success stories over the last couple of years, Germany has shown some significant scope for the SaaS niche. On that note, here are 29 such exemplary SaaS companies from different domains that are a must to see and use. Let us get to it. But before that, let us first brush up on some basics.

Most known German SaaS companies

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, and it is a delivery model in which a software is licensed on a subscription basis but is hosted centrally. Basically, it is a part of cloud computing and be accessed over an IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) format, PaaS (Platform as a service) and DaaS (Desktop as a service). These may be e.g. podcast software or webinar software. With this you can configure and customize applications on the go. Aside from this, you can access all your customer data and analyze the user behavior as well. Let us now see who are the top 29 German SaaS companies who have made it to the list:

  1. Personio
  2. Inkitt
  3. UXCam
  4. FlixMobility
  5. Adblock Plus
  6. Komoot
  7. Babbel
  8. Mambu
  9. JustWatch
  10. Getsafe
  11. Penta
  12. OroraTech
  13. Amboss
  15. Artnight
  16. ResearchGate
  17. Wandelbots
  18. Quandoo
  19. Coya
  20. E-bot7
  21. Urban Sports Club
  22. LOVOO
  23. N26
  24. Anydesk
  25. Zalando
  26. EyeEm
  27. Blinkist
  28. Alugha
  29. Orderbird
  30. Adjust


Founded in 2015, Personio is a one-stop destination for cloud-based HR software for small to medium-scaled companies. Because of its online presence, it can store all employee data and processes at a single source. This makes it a great piece of human resources management software.


It is an online platform where you can write, read and share novels digitally, including the ones which haven’t been published yet. Additionally, its advanced algorithms can predict a novel’s success based on the reader’s behavior.


UXCam is a product analytics tool that empowers mobile teams with the granular insights needed to develop customer-centric mobile apps. They’ve been around since 2014 and recently raised a $5 million Seed round to make mobile app insights easy and intuitive.


Lunched in 2018, it is a mobility-providing app that offers environmental-sustaining and pocket-friendly travel options. This includes long-distance buses and green trains plying across Europe.

Adblock Plus

Looking for a free extension that prevents online ads and personalizes your web experience? Say hello to Adblock Plus. This was founded in the year 2011 and currently headquartered at Cologne.


Komoot is German’s one of the most commonly used app/online guide for navigating hiking and cycling experiences. Recently they have come up with an e-bike concept, partnering with Bosch.


Babbel is said to be a pioneer in the online language learning and speaking in the world. Since its establishment in 2007, it has seen a massive expansion in the language travel market.


Mambu is a SaaS banking platform that is the face behind the banking accounts. It was founded in the year 2011 and became a unicorn in 2021.


It is an online streaming search engine. Basically, it tells you where to find series and movies legally online. It has over ten million users as of now and has expanded onto 38 countries other than Germany.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage all your insurance contracts through your mobiles? Well this German-based company has heard your woes and helps you do that right.


Penta is a boon to the banking business and allows the users to open a bank account in a couple of minutes, that too for free. Being a German SaaS company, it promises huge growth potential and an unmissable spot in the list.


Founded in 2018, this is the first supplier of infrared satellite data for the real-time tracking ad early detection of the wildfires around the globe. It is a part of Google Accelerator and uses NewSpace intelligence for a sustainable earth.


Amboss is an online learning platform for the medical students and clinical physicians. Get to know more about the medical devices and see the health industry in detail.

It is a non-profit start-up that strives to donate most of its search ad revenue profits to the aiding programs that plant trees in Indonesia, Peru and Madagascar. It is renowned for venturing into a good cause and is one of the best German SaaS companies to follow.


Want to meet like-minded artists who are as creative as you? Download Artnight and you will find many such art lovers like you to converge and discuss in a digital platform.


If you wish to take to umpteen scientific knowledge or want to go to an academic social network to share your work, this is your friend. You will find many like-minded researches to connect and strengthen your expertise.


Lunched in 2017, it is a technological platform that lets the non-programmers to tech robots finish assignments in a quicker and cheaper way. Also, with the help of its sensors, it can track human motion to control industrial robots.


Are you looking for a real time booking platform and reserve your favorite restaurants before you head in? Quandoo should be your go-to.


Coya is said to be Europe’s first choice for online insurance provider. Its transparent insurance policies at a pocket-friendly budget are the causes behind it. They have established a strong footprint in the German market and are about to expand beyond the boundaries.


It is an AI-driven German SaaS company that aids in enhancing the efficacy of the customer service operations. Further, they integrate a dollop of AI and automate their existing CRM systems as well.

Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club is an online sports league and club that allows you to have access to the largest and the most flexible sports offers in your respective cities. It is a medium-scaled club which was launched in 2012.


LOVOO is an online dating app, which is available in more than 15 languages. It is one of the firsts in the German market and is a definite trendsetter in the dating sphere.


N26 is said to be one of the greatest millennial-targeting online banks from Germany. With this, you can manage your bank account entirely from a smartphone. It was launched in 2013 and headquartered at Berlin currently.


AnyDesk is globally known for being a remote desktop application that allows you to view any other desktop once you have the right configuration and the password. It has also been listed on the top 50 fastest growing business in Germany.


Zalando is an online fashion platform where you can choose from more than 150000 products. It was founded in the year 2008, ad is headquartered at Berlin. Ever since its inception, it has raised over 605 million euros.


EyeEm creates computer vision technology whose mobile application blends a social photo platform with that of a stock photo. Its engaged online photography community and market is one of the heavily sought-after names from the popular brands.


Blinkist is a mobile application that allows the readers to get a 15-miute summary and some of the best key insights of the best-selling non-fictional books. It was launched in 2012, and has been one of the most established apps ever since.


Alugha is your one-stop destination for translating your video into a multilingual one. With this, you can host, subtitle, translate, securely transcribe, voiceover, ad post videos in multi-languages.


Orderbird is a food and in-store retail catering industry. It is currently headquartered at berlin and offers POS systems to the food and catering industry.


Adjust is a mobile analytics platform that offers marketing automation products, anti-hacking solutions and umpteen cybersecurity. This was founded in the year 2012 and is headquartered at Berlin.

moinAI is a self-learning AI chatbot solution for digital customer communication of companies. Using AI & natural language processing moinAI automates conversations not only efficiently, but also very successfully. Since it’s a no-code solution the implementation is simple and existing systems & tools can be connected easily.

Best Actionable Tips for SaaS Companies

  • Put up a Proactive Customer Support Staff: It is no fun to be hung on the other side of the phone and endlessly for a customer executive to solve your issues. That is when having a 24×7 customer support team can help alleviate this concern and ensure that the customers do not have to wait for a long time to see their issues getting assistance. To add on, live chat or live bot options too can do the needful.
  • Seamless Navigation: To find a product, a customer should not have to break his head and navigate across hundreds of pages to find it. The navigation of your website should be as smooth as butter. It should be a seamless experience for a customer to find any product, service or assistance on your page. Keep things clear, precise and easy to navigate. Seeing too much complicated confusions on your page is a big no-no in the SaaS niche.
  • Say Yes to FAQ and other Knowledge Hubs: As Jyothi Tulasi, who works at SmartKarrot Inc. says, “Think of the time you can save if your customers can resolve their issues on their own by going through your FAQ or live demo or knowledge hub section. In fact, that is what a customer dears for – to find their solutions right in front of his eyes, where he can assist himself and need not run to a support executive. Ensure that the most common queries of a customer are well-addressed in these options”.
  • Hire the right staff: Sometimes it is your customers who are on the receiving end of the bows and slings of an untrained staff. Yes, an untrained staff has the power to agitate a customer completely till he churns away. To prevent that from happening, see that you hire the right people, who have had some amount of experience in this particular niche or are willing to take up the challenge, no matter what.

There are more German SaaS companies that might not have made to this list but are worth giving a try. This was a mix bag of big and small, the reputed and the under-the-radar ones. However, what stays common is the fact that each of these is making waves.