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Top 30 ecommerce agencies in Germany

The German economy is one of the most robust and most stable economies in the European Union. It is a massive part of the market. Dozens of companies are ready to provide their services day and night in such a way as to gain more and more customers. Choosing the best supplier is quite tricky as customer preferences change very quickly. Nevertheless, we have pioneers in the e-commerce market in Germany who set trends. They are popular in this industry, and they don’t intend to move away from their positions, so more and more companies are competing to rise to the top as well.

Of course, in the German market, there are many e-commerce companies. However, we have collected thirty agencies that offer their comprehensive services to clients in this industry the best. Why did we choose these particular ones?

The first three places belong to the winners of the industry awards of E-commerce Germany Awards 2021. The following agencies are on the list thanks to their revenues and their achievements in 2021. Although it is not a chronological list, it still includes agencies that had the most significant role for e-commerce in Germany this year.

There are both medium and large agencies here. Advertising agencies, marketing companies, Saas agencies, transactional experience partners, agencies that develop web applications – all of them this list contains. In addition, there are also agencies that service in the areas of design and communication.

So now, see who exactly is on the list!

Germany’s top ecommerce agencies

#1 Remazing

We begin our list with Remazing, as this company won in this year – 2021 –  E-commerce Germany Awards as Best Agency. 

Remazing thinks that each brand has the potential to write a success story on Amazon and other online platforms. A customer-centric approach has enabled this global full-service agency to support consumer products companies on their digital journey, allowing them to succeed on Amazon and other platforms. Remazing is the company’s external Amazon department for some clients, while for others, it provides selected services not covered in-house.

#2 T-systems

Next on our list is T-systems. This agency is also laureate E-commerce Germany Awards as Best Agency but in 2020.

The T-Systems team is your partner in digital transformation. It helps enable a digital and connected world. They increase sales and differentiate themselves from their competitors through a high-quality portal appearance by expanding their sales channels to include digital ones. In addition, the new solution reduces costs by removing obsolete systems and increasing performance, reliability, and usability.

#3 Norisk Group

Norisk Group, on the other hand, has become in 2019 the E-commerce Germany Awards’ Best Agency.

The norisk Group is the OXID Enterprise E-Commerce Agency for strong retailers and brands. Their goal is to create a consistent, cross-channel shopping experience. Seeing themselves as a sparring partners, they always strive to work closely with customers. The company designs and develops sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly modular solutions. Digital transformation? They make it easy!

#4 Diva-e

Diva-e is a leading Transactional Experience Partner (TXP) in Germany. Sales in 2021 amounted to 79.581 million euros. Their mission is to help businesses the world over succeed by providing customers with innovative, engaging, and sustainable experiences. The company understands the challenges facing companies today and in the future. As the innovation partner for leading companies, diva-e has more than 20 years of experience in digital business. Because of this, they create experiences that will keep customers interested, engaged, and loyal.

#5 Team neusta

This digital family is more than a software company: it’s an owner-managed group of companies specializing in developing and integrating analog and digital communication platforms. What’s more, this company is always looking for ways to innovate. They know that as the digital age meets globalization, we all are faced with serving the demands of a global consumer market. Therefore, short decision-making processes just allow them to act quicker than the others. Sales in 2021 amounted to 89.379 million euros.

#6 Plan.Net group

As one of the leaders in the digital age, Plan.Net Group provides success and future profitability. Sales in 2021 amounted to 103,291 million euros. Having independent teams of trained specialists in all relevant fields: consulting, business analysis, marketing automation, products, integrated campaigns, media buying, and planning, as well as content marketing campaigns. This company can handle it all. 

#7 Reply – Digital Experience

Reply – Digital Experience achieved a turnover of 145.8 million euros in 2020, which represents a growth of 5.23 percent. Founded by highly competent specialists, Reply – Digital Experience companies develop solutions for global corporations like BMW and OBI, using new communication channels and digital media. In addition, reply offers consultants, system integrators, and digital solutions to organizations in telecoms, media, banking, insurance, and the public sector.

#8 PIA Group

P.I.A. Automation Group is a world leader in automation technology. More than 8150 PIA Automation systems have been built over the past 50 years, primarily for automated assembly and testing processes. Sales in 2021 amounted to 107,724 million euros. The company’s vision is to be a leading global partner for customers’ automation requirements. A wide range of customers, from the automotive industry to healthcare and industrial to consumer goods businesses, rely on this company’s solutions. 

#9 Valtech GmbH

This company is a global digital agency focused on business transformation. They provide software for  L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Levi’s, Lufthansa, Volkswagen, AUDI – they design, build, and deliver transformative digital solutions for the world’s best-known brands. They create intuitive, frictionless, and connected experiences that improve human lives and make clients’ businesses grow. Sales in 2021 amounted to 77.836 million euros.

#10 Diconium GmbH

The company provides the entire spectrum of digital transformation services, including innovation & strategy, customer experience, data & AI, commerce, and technology solutions to digital units. Innovating technology is crucial to staying competitive in this increasingly digital world. Diconium provides software, IT architecture, cloud solutions, commerce platforms, and marketing services that make your company digitally competitive.

#11 KPS digital GmbH

With KPS, opportunities are transformed into sustained success quickly. Companies can combine the best of both worlds—a transformation-safe product offering and, likewise, a market-defying differentiation through targeted customization. Instant transformation is guaranteed. In buying a platform instead of a project, you will ensure a fast and secure change that delivers effective differentiation in the marketplace. You will feel the difference – and so will your customers.

#12 SinnerSchrader AG

Among its international clientele, the SinnerSchrader AG develops and markets e-commerce solutions and services. As an all-around e-commerce provider, the Company offers expertise in web design and production, media strategy and planning, project management and consulting software development, editorial services, and public relations.

#13 Digitas Pixelpark

By providing unique user experiences, the company increases interaction, inspires people, and strengthens brands. In addition, they develop tailored business and marketing strategies and measures based on precise data analysis. Solutions from this company combine the right technologies with creativity, automation, efficient processes, and recommendable content – across all channels and platforms. Sales amounted to 65.790 million euros.

#14 MGM Technology Partners

Organizations retain control and know-how of their own IT systems for commerce, insurance, and public sector MGM applications. Business experts, IT experts, and organization members work closely together on this – in a team of more than 750 people. MGM has 16 locations around the world where its mission is “Innovation Implemented”. Sales in 2021 amounted to 59.010 million euros.

#15 C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH

The brand creates what matters. The brand is a relevant part of customers’ lives. Content marketing solutions are executed by over 550 employees, resulting in measurable results. The C3 team combines creativity, content, and technology, including strategy and concept, content creation, technology, platform competence, marketing intelligence, channels, and performance.


Sales in 2021 amounted to 45.331 ​million euros. They are one of the leading consulting and implementation companies for digital transformation in marketing and sales. Daily, they develop holistic, digital experience solutions based on human-centric thinking, creativity, and technology. As a matter of course, the highest standards of design, operational safety, and integration into an overall corporate landscape are required.

#17 FischerAppelt AG

FischerAppeltand add companies new value. Over 700 employees serve over 200 companies at nine locations nationally and internationally, including half of the DAX companies. From creation to content to campaigning, they integrate disciplines project-based and comprehensively to produce a meaningful result for customers, from design to data to business to social, from product development to marketing to sales. Sales in 2021 amounted to 41.58 million euros.

#18 Intive

By designing & engineering people-centric digital products, they help customers transform their businesses. This brand provides clients with solid business acumen, empowered engineering teams, and domain experts based on three continents. They integrate design and technology to develop successful digital products. Sales in 2021 amounted to 37 million euros.

#19 Dept

Innovative technology, data, and creativity are the hallmarks of Dept. Its mission is to help clients build and accelerate their digital businesses. By creating leading digital products, services, and campaigns, they assist their clients in accelerating their digital business, and their projects unite creativity. Sales in 2021 amounted to 36.943 million euros. 

#20 Neuland – Büro für Informatik GmbH

Implementing online store systems is what they do. The team analyzes the client’s business processes, defines goals, finds ways, and develops the software to succeed with e-commerce. They specialize in software for retail – with a focus on software for the digital dimension. Through software, wishes become shopping baskets, and shopping baskets become orders.

#21 DotSource GmbH

Marketing, sales, and services are all set to become more digital in the future with dotSource. The company consults leading companies on large, sometimes global online projects. It is renowned for its highly qualified staff. All deals staff goes through regular certification programs in development, project management, IT, quality assurance, and online marketing. For example, staff may be required to gain a Master’s degree in project management.

#22 Valantic GmbH

Valantic develops software and digital process solutions that enable customers to achieve strategic advantages over their competitors. A flexible, elementary organizational structure and operational excellence will allow them to meet the central challenges of digitization. The goal is to break through established thought patterns. To achieve this, they combine technology and industry expertise. Sales in 2021 amounted to 36 million euros.

#23 TWT Digital Group GmbH

TWT Digital Health is the leader in digital healthcare. They specialized in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry. Also, they implement e-business projects at the highest level. Additionally, they provide standard-compliant medical software services for digital health projects. They offer security thanks to extensive experience from a wide variety of industries. Sales in 2021 amounted to 35.74 million euros.

#24 Pilot Agenturgruppe

Pilot Agenturgruppe Independent is not just an advertising agency. With international know-how, over 400 experts create innovative communication for companies and brands. Their combination of media, digital and creative skills make them unique. Sales in 2021 amounted to 30.669 million euros.


Professionally matched, efficient and safe, this brand offers digital solutions. It is a digital pioneer. For nearly 30 years, they have guided clients through their digital transformation journey. In addition, their systems infrastructure solutions provide companies with great support. Sales in 2021 amounted to 27.309 million euros.

#26 Neofonie GmbH

One of Germany’s leading mobile agencies, Neofonie Mobile, ranks No. 1 among Berlin-based mobile agencies. In addition to providing consulting services, inspiring concepts, and user interface design, they also develop mobile solutions, AR/MR solutions, and voice assistants. These solutions combine passion, technical know-how, and business strategy.

#27 Sybit GmbH

Digital journeys are provided and optimized by Sybit for clients. This brand implements a comprehensive offer by utilizing state-of-the-art technology by understanding customer-oriented processes. In addition, they optimize and digitize your customer processes at every stage of theirs journey. Sales in 2021 amounted to 26.695 million euros.

#28 AOE GmbH

Enterprise web solutions are developed, implemented, and managed by the Company. AOE serves clients worldwide. In the enterprise sector, AOE provides agile services for the development of digital solutions. In addition, they provide digital business model transformation for large enterprises through a global network of 250+ employees.

#29 Laudert

From advice to implementation, this brand helps brands and products communicate efficiently and effectively. Through holistic, creative concepts, they stage products, optimize content, implement systems, and transfer data to the wide world of media. Over 500 employees make it all for their customers. Sales in 2021 amounted to 20,139 million euros.

#30 SuperReal GmbH

SuperReal concentrates on developing interfaces and optimizing user experience. They work closely with consultants, analysts, interface designers, concept makers, and developers to find customer-specific, perfectly matched digital solutions. In doing so, they create forward-looking e-commerce strategies.

Final words

There is a boom in the market for digital advice. In total, almost 2 billion euros of sales would have been generated if the sales of the missing agencies were added. It’s so gratifying to see the industry continue to grow! The sheer volume of potential new business is one reason for the continued high spirits among digital service providers. 

The German economy is strong and industry-based but often leaves much to be desired in computerization. Where a homepage was needed five years ago, e-commerce and platform solutions are in demand today. The best example was the pandemic period when producers had limited access to the market, and new online stores and sales platforms were created en masse. It follows that companies need to digitalize their entire business processes. As a result, digital transformation remains the buzzword among all businesses.