News Reduces Membership Fees for German SMEs

Image Source:, the e-commerce giant, has introduced a special membership package for sellers in Germany, aiming to support SMEs in their digital transformation efforts. Starting in September, retailers can join the platform with a three-month trial period for approximately $9.

This announcement was made at a recent flagship event in Berlin. conducted a survey of 1,008 German SMEs to understand the challenges they face. The survey revealed that while 88% of SMEs recognize digitalization as crucial for success, only 41% are fully digital. Many SMEs are concerned about the high costs associated with digitalization. Additionally, 96% believe AI will impact their exports, yet only 11% have implemented it so far.

New Solutions for German Sellers

According to, to address these challenges, is launching a new package of solutions for German sellers. This includes a revised membership model starting in September, offering a three-month trial period for just €8.40 ($9), a significant reduction from the standard fee of €372.61 ($399).

The platform is also introducing AI-powered tools, such as AI-generated product listings, a chatbot, and automatic analysis of category-relevant data. These updates aim to simplify strategic decision-making and enhance communication with potential buyers.

By lowering membership costs and offering advanced tools, is making it easier for German SMEs to embrace digitalization and grow their businesses online.