eBay Announces Major Enhancements for German Retailers

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eBay Germany is rolling out significant upgrades for commercial sellers this summer, following their recent focus on private sellers. The enhancements encompass marketing and logistics improvements designed to benefit business operations on the platform.

Andreas Häntsch, Head of Commercial Trade at eBay Germany, emphasized the positive impact of these new features: “This summer, we are excited to introduce innovations that will further strengthen our commercial sellers’ businesses on eBay. Key updates include improvements to the Seller Cockpit Pro, making it easier for sellers to create purchasing incentives. Additionally, we are offering practical tools such as product research via the eBay app and an updated messaging system in the desktop version to enhance communication with buyers.”

Simplified Advertising Campaigns

eBay, a leading name in German e-commerce, has revamped its advertising campaign offerings. The platform has simplified access to advertising formats for German sellers and optimized all tools technically, offering more data and control options for campaign creation and optimization. The new advertising cockpit is a highlight, providing an intuitive, data-optimized experience for managing ads on eBay.

Responding to Retailer Feedback

These updates come in response to feedback from retailers gathered during eBay’s roadshows across various German cities. Notable improvements include a new search function in messages and enhanced returns processing in collaboration with DHL. In logistics, eBay Germany is announcing new partnerships with Deutsche Post and Orange Connex, further streamlining operations for sellers.

With these enhancements, eBay Germany aims to provide commercial sellers with robust tools and features that drive business growth and improve operational efficiency.