Why should you take part in E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020?
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Why should you take part in E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020? Check out testimonials from our exhibitors!
Making a decision about participating in any fairs or conference is not easy. Decision makers need to take a lot of things into consideration. First of all – the budget. “Can I actually afford it?” – this is the question that many CMOs ask themselves. If you take ROI into consideration and realize how many leads you can convert into deals during just one-day event, it seems more than appealing.…
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EBE 2019 – E-Commerce Trends 2019 – fear and desire of German online shoppers
E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019 was truly packed with amazing insights presented by knowledgeable and experiences speakers from all over the world. One of them was Erik Meierhoff, Head of B2B business in Idealo. Idealo is a price comparison website which allows users to compare prices on a range of products from hundreds of shops.  During EBE 2019, Erik decided to share a few data-driven conclusions, insights and statistics that apply…
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Top 20 e-commerce platforms in the DACH region
Custom e-commerce solutions are a significant part of the DACH market – did you know that they create around 40% of the total turnover? Studies suggest that 75% of German companies operate mainly via e-commerce channels. There are dozens of custom software providers on the market and choosing the leading one is quite hard, as the trends are changing really quickly.  With such a wide variety available, it’s easy to…
Leverage the power of tool integration for your business
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Leverage the power of tool integration for your business
If you own an e-commerce store, you probably know the importance of getting the right software development company to build the infrastructure for you, and of using the right software Sadly, there’s no single best tool to streamline all the processes, but the good news is: you can pretty much have it all by integrating powerful tools with one another. Here’s why exactly you should take a closer look at…
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There is no such thing as a typical day in the live industry – interview with Michael Jericho, Online Marketing Manager at Ticketmaster
We love interviews! This time, we decided to invite Michael Jericho, Online Marketing Manager at Ticketmaster, for a virtual cup of tea to talk about his work with the world leader at ticket sales. What brought you to Ticketmaster? Basically, my love for live music and entertainment. I always played in bands and even gathered my first working experience in the music business. I worked in a small booking agency…
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Mobile shopping will change e-commerce on many levels – interview with Robert Bueninck, General Manager DACH at Klarna
According to The Guardian, Sweden’s Klarna becomes biggest fintech firm in Europe. That is why we are even more excited to publish our interview with Robert Bueninck, who plays a really important role at Klarna! What are you responsible for in Klarna? I have been Managing Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Klarna since March 2018. Do you think Klarna can help people in managing their budget? We believe…
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Your ads are part of the brand experience – interview with Maggie Flick, Head of Business Operations at Outbrain
Inspirational conversations about e-commerce are definitely our cup of tea. This time, we decided to drink it with Maggie Flick, who is in charge of business operations at Outbrain. What do you do at Outbrain? As Head of Business Operations, I am responsible for business operations in 13 countries across LATAM, APAC and EMEA. This includes increasing efficiency in and between individual departments and optimising cooperation between the regions. I…
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Past, present, ​and future of CX – an interview with Christina Hirsch (Vodafone)
We had a pleasure to chat with Christina Hirsch, Director Customer Experience & Digital Care Journeys at Vodafone Germany. As an expert in the field, she shared some interesting insights about the state of customer experience at Vodafone and in general. You’re currently the Director of Customer Experience and Digital Care Journeys at Vodafone. What are your main responsibilities? The role is quite broad. It covers Customer Experience for the…
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The Complete Guide To Understanding The DACH Market
Every region has its own specifics and dynamics. DACH region is one of the most advanced in the world. A strong economy and a high standard of living have its reflection in the e-commerce industry. What is DACH? An abbreviation DACH stands for D — Deutschland (Germany), A — Austria, CH — Confœderatio Helvetica (Switzerland). Therefore, it refers to German-speaking Europe.  Source The shape of e-commerce in the DACH region…
"I'm always inspired!": interview with Jon Marks, Head of E-commerce at Polaroid Originals
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“I’m always inspired!”: interview with Jon Marks (Polaroid Originals)
We are excited to present the result of our virtual chat with Jon Marks, Head of E-commerce at Polaroid Originals. Find out what is Jon’s experience in e-commerce and how does his team improve the customer journey. How have your past experiences in different jobs led to the role you are in today?  Very unexpectedly! Around the time I was looking to leave my career in law, an opportunity arose…
European cross-border commerce - 4 tips for merchants to boost sales
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European cross-border commerce – 4 tips for merchants to boost sales
Cross-border commerce in Europe is growing by the month – the industry was worth a staggering €137 billion last year. In this article we’re taking a look at the growth of cross-border in Europe, some of the barriers in the way and the steps that online merchants can take to claim a share.  First up, what exactly is cross-border commerce? Before we go any further, let’s make sure we are…
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2020/2021 DACH E-commerce Events List
Here is a list of the most important e-commerce events in the Deutschland, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) region. Fairs are very popular in DACH region right now, where the biggest events currently take place, despite various statistics claiming that the UK is the biggest market. Websummit may be one of the biggest fairs in Europe, for example, but Dmexco is close to that size too. Besides those two conferences, there…