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From the web to your doorstep: a package’s journey from the moment of purchase

  • A combination of advanced logistics, innovative technology and skilled employees are the key to getting an online purchase to consumers in a timely manner.
  • Shipment tracking is an essential tool for tracking a package, and is very useful to know the current status of the goods, whether they have arrived at their destination or whether they are still on their way.

Germany, 15th September 2021 – The last year has been a turning point for e-commerce growth, with sales up 19.4% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the previous year. According to the BEVH forecast, e-commerce could surpass the €100 billion sales threshold this year. The pandemic has led to a marked change in German consumer habits, who are increasingly turning to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, About You and Otto to make their purchases.

The truth is that going online saves shoppers time and money, and it’s more convenient since they can decide how they want to receive their purchases, either at home or at the convenience points offered by the main marketplaces. In this sense, a combination of advanced logistics, innovative technology and specialised employees are the building blocks for consumer confidence.

“In recent years, the logistics sector has been committed to optimising its processes, and logistics has definitely played an essential role in the evolution of customer confidence when buying online”, says Matthew Trattles, Chief Commercial Officer of Packlink. According to the ‘Radiography of online sellers’, a survey conducted by Packlink in May 2021, the vast majority of users (81%) successfully sent their first deliveries.

As for the type of delivery, the same study states that Germans tend to prefer standard delivery in 95% of cases. Furthermore, of the four main EU markets – Spain, France, Italy and Germany – Germany is the market with the lowest demand for express delivery services, at 5%, compared to 12% in France, 19% in Italy and almost 40% in Spain.

“There are more and more logistics services such as express services, which allow the product to be delivered within hours without the need for the consumer to travel to get it,” continues Matthew Trattles. However, little is known about the journey of that package from the time of purchase to the time it reaches its destination.

The route of the package in 4 steps

  1. Purchase and preparation of the order. When the customer completes the purchase, the online shop checks that the product selected by the customer is in stock and begins to prepare the order. At this point, the product is placed in a package which in turn will carry a label from the logistics operator that will carry out the transport with the tracking number of the purchase and the buyer’s details.
  2. Collection and sorting by the logistics operator. When the order is ready, the package is handed over to the operator who will transport it to its destination. Once at the transport company’s facilities, it is sorted in order of arrival, giving priority to urgent shipments. Next, all the packages have to pass through a conveyor belt where they are weighed and sized in order to optimise their classification and grouping, normally by destination. 
  3. On the way. Once the packages have been sorted, the distribution process takes place. In this step, pre-planned routes play an extremely important role. Keeping to the time schedule when transporting goods improves consumer confidence and avoids a negative experience for the end customer.  Normally, domestic shipments are usually shipped by road and international shipments by sea or air.
  4. Delivery. Finally, the carrier delivers the package to the agreed address. From this moment on, the consumer can start using the received product or, in case of not being satisfied, start the return process.

Throughout the entire journey, the consumer can track shipments, both domestic and international. This is very useful for finding out what state the goods are in at any given moment, whether they have arrived at their destination or whether they are still on their way. That’s why Packlink provides its users with a quick and easy shipment locator where they can track their shipments online.

“At Packlink, we work every day to remain a leader in the logistics sector by offering cutting-edge technology and being an exceptional partner for our customers to whom we offer the most competitive prices in the logistics market”, concludes Matthew Trattles, Chief Commercial Officer of Packlink.

About Packlink

Packlink was launched in 2012 as a parcel delivery comparison and contracting platform for individuals and businesses. With the impressive e-commerce boom, Packlink has experienced rapid growth. The company now operates in several European markets and offers more than 300 transport services and shipping technologies for SMEs and large companies, ensuring that both private individuals and companies save time and money on transporting goods. Packlink’s goal is to make shipping easy and transparent for consumers, businesses and e-commerces around the world.

In 2016, Packlink developed its new tool for businesses: Packlink PRO. Through cutting-edge technology that automates the logistics process and allows integration with online shops, it is possible to simplify the management of shipments by aggregating the offer of the main carriers, allowing users to save time and money. The aim is to facilitate the shipping process for small and medium-sized online businesses, sellers on marketplaces and developers, making Packlink an ally in logistics that can be integrated with various platforms.

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