Navigating the Rebranding Journey: Insights from Kleinanzeigen’s Head of Brand

There it is! Another entry of our EGN Podcast. This time we talked with Iskra Velichkova, Head of Brand at Kleinanzeigen, a German online classifieds platform that originally launched in September 2009 as eBay Kleinanzeigen. Interesting? We think so. Let’s start scrolling and learning more about this successful company!

With over 50 million ads spanning various categories, from children’s supplies to electronics to real estate, and more than 36 million users per month, Kleinanzeigen has the widest reach of all online selling platforms in Germany. However, they’ve come a long way to get to this point. 

It all started with one of the e-commerce giants

Originally launched in September 2009 as eBay Kleinanzeigen, they became a part of Adevinta, a global classifieds specialist, in June 2021. It wasn’t till May 2023, when they rebranded themselves as Kleinanzeigen, setting the mark for a new era of growth and positive change.

In our talk with Iskra Velichkova, we go deeper into their rebranding journey as it was not just a change of logo or name but a comprehensive shift in the platform’s market positioning, reflecting a stronger emphasis on sustainability and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) trade.

We also talked about the changes that happened since the rebranding like increases in user engagement and brand trust. Nowadays the platform hosts over 36 million active users monthly and has impressive brand awareness, nearly equaling its visibility from its eBay days within just nine months post-rebranding.

Long road to change

But everything comes at a price. Iskra talks about how throughout the rebranding process, the team faced various challenges, such as maintaining SEO rankings and managing the technical aspects of transitioning to a new domain. Strategic preparations, like cleaning up site maps and careful timing of the domain switch, were critical to their success.

In the conversation we also covered the brand’s focus – which is promoting sustainability by extending the lifespan of products through resale – and how their mission helps customers in unexpected ways, for example, fostering social interactions. Additionally, there was a little glimpse into the future of the brand. This is how we found out that Kleinanzeigen aims to inspire more people to choose secondhand goods as a first option, promoting a sustainable economic model that aligns with broader environmental goals.

Are you interested in hearing the rebranding story from one of the most popular selling platforms in Germany? If so, you absolutely should watch our full talk here:

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