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Use digitization for automation with the help of PayJoe

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Simplify your e-commerce accounting

Digitization meets accounting. Take the chance and become more efficient and save money. Our software solution PayJoe enables proper bookkeeping and automates your processes.

There are more and more online retailers who sell their products through their own online shops or marketplaces such as Amazon. Few of them consider the difficulties that this creates in accounting for online retailers or their tax advisors and accountants.

PayJoe enables bookkeeping to be carried out simply, completely and properly, even for online retailers. PayJoe prepares the data from the various payment providers such as PayPal or Amazon in such a way that the payment data with fees and payout amounts can be smoothly imported into the accounting. The data can then be automatically booked in the accounting system through the preparation of PayJoe. So you no longer have to worry about your accounting, PayJoe automates your processes.

PayJoe perfectly closes the gaps between your existing systems and accelerates your accounting processes by up to 95%. PayJoe is your interface between payment provider, ERP and accounting system.

The problem with payment providers

When booking payments from Amazon, Klarna, PayPal or many other payment providers, online retailers or their accountants often have the problem that they cannot easily read the payment provider data into the accounting system in individual transactions. If the data was then perhaps even manually transferred to the accounting department, there is a further problem that the payments cannot be automatically assigned to the receipts. The reason for this is that the invoice number from the accounting is not contained in the payment transactions and, conversely, the unique payment information is not contained in the open items in the accounting.

The solution with PayJoe

PayJoe supports you in transferring the payment data to various accounting systems (such as DATEV, Addison, Lexware or AGENDA and many others) and processing the individual payment transactions by the tool reading the payments fully automatically, e.g. from Amazon, and adding the invoice number to these payment data. These extended payment data are then made available to the online retailer or accountant for bookkeeping. 

PayJoe makes individual payments out of bulk amounts and adds missing invoice information (e.g. invoice number) to the payment. Due to the identical information on the payment and receipt side, the payments can now be automatically booked in the accounting.

Fees and payouts can also be booked automatically with the help of PayJoe, as PayJoe provides them with recurring purposes. With the assistance of accounting template in the accounting system, these can be automatically recognized and booked. 

Accounting made easy

PayJoe provides you with all individual transactions from the various payment providers (PayPal, Amazon, Klarna, AmazonPay, Stripe, Mollie etc.). These are posted in accounting like a bank account. Regardless of whether you read the payment data from PayJoe file-based or via HBCI into your accounting system, a bank and account connection must first be created once in the master data. Incoming payments from customers and reimbursements to customers are automatically assigned to the open items in accounting through the preparation of the payment data in PayJoe, as these have the same reason for payment.

For example, the invoice number is contained in the Amazon payment that PayJoe delivers for accounting and also in the vopen item that was read into accounting. With this information about the identical invoice number, the accounting system is able to carry out an automated open item clearing.