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Marketing must-do? Keep moving, keep exploring!
“Very good content that ranks high organically can attract visitors to your website for months and years after publishing”, says Karsten Köhler from HubSpot. In this interview, you will learn how marketing has changed, explore the advantages of inbound marketing over paid ads, and get a handful of advice on how to approach your marketing activities today – this all straight from the expert’s mouth. Plus, be sure to take…
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Win-win-win: how Immobilienscout24 builds its success in the online real estate
8 million unique users monthly from desktop, 11 million app downloads, half a million available listings – since 1998 ImmobilienScout24 revolutionized the German real estate market. In this interview with Frank Schlesinger, the Head of Technology at ImmobilienScout24, you will learn how the company keeps this leader’s position by ensuring agility, growth, innovation and great end user experience. Paulina, E-commerce Berlin: Let’s start by reminding everyone that you work as…
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Happy, good-looking and inspired? The customers of about you
You know the frustration of buying clothes online? Browsing tens of pages with clothes your grandma wouldn’t even want to wear. End to this. ABOUT YOU has taken personalized online shopping to the next level and in this interview you will learn how the Hamburg-based company with 300 employees has built its success by engaging clients and giving them exactly what they want – to see, to wear, and to…