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Personalisation: Don’t suspect, know where the shoe pinches at online customers

Part II: AI-based personalisation in the online shop. How OXID eShop handles it?

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There are no fewer than six e-commerce events behind us at the end of the first quarter. After numerous discussions, workshops, lectures and product demos, it is clear: AI-based personalisation has the potential this year to change everything for online merchants and customers alike. Do you really know what the customer is looking for in your shop? If not, find out. Our solution will help you.

The bundle, which OXID eSales has put together with econda , is unparalleled in the market. Although many providers talk about AI, they do not have their own solution. Or they connect the AI via interfaces to the shop software laboriously. We integrate the econda AI directly into the OXID environment and you can activate it with a mouse click.

The AI-based personalisation can be booked as an option in the OXID eShop and is immediately available. There is no easier way to tackle such a complex topic as artificial intelligence. This takes the customer experience in the OXID eShop to the next level, as does your online business. We already reported on the challenges in Part I. Read more here!

What is included in the personalisation option of OXID eShop?

First: Two well networked worlds! econda fluently integrated in OXID eShop

Especially the clean integration into the shop is one of the most frequent hurdles, why projects fail from the beginning. Here the personalisation option shines, because it connects the two worlds OXID and econda. Personalised product recommendations and personalised content can be easily processed and integrated in the OXID world.

Second: An attractive econda package

  • econda Tag Manager
  • econda Analytics
  • econda Centricity
  • econda Click Monitor
  • econda Cross Sell
  • econda Audience Relationship Platform

Third: The KI-driven product recommendation

Existing OXID recommendation widgets can be loaded with AI-based and personalised product recommendations at the click of a mouse. After a few clicks in the shop, the AI recognises what the customer is looking for, learns continuously and submits an individual offer.

Fourth: Easy creation of personalised landing pages

Playing out and constantly tuning relevant content for customers is by no means a trivial task. This is where those who know their target groups exactly and address them with tailor-made content via dedicated landing pages score. The fully integrated Visual CMS in the OXID eShop is an indispensable, easy-to-use tool for retailers to get there.

Fifth: 12 months special offer at an attractive fixed price

From the outside, personalisation is a black box. The dealer has no guarantee that he can handle it. “Entry packages” of up to 30.000 Euro are not uncommon on the market. There, we still don’t talk about the integration into the shop. In order to keep the entrance hurdle as low as possible, the personalisation option comes at a price of 12.999 Euro for 12 months (16.990 euro up to 5 mandators).

Sixth: Support package and remote workshop for going live

The personalisation option as a package is technologically designed to enable an easy start into the topic. The support package and the productive start workshop help to avoid frequently made mistakes at the beginning of the project and ensure a good performance of the shop.

What happens for the customer in the shop?

If a customer comes to the shop, the AI recommendations are displayed on the start page. The AI recognises the customer request with the first clicks almost in real time and displays the relevant content. This is reflected throughout the entire purchase process right up to the thank you page. After completion of the purchase, this page suggests products that go far beyond the “this could also be of interest to you” approach. The prospective customer is served with individual landing pages and corresponding content. They find the offer they are really looking for in the shop.

Example: A fashion shop that uses the personalisation option

Let’s assume that our fashion shop offers numerous products of different brands in different categories. From clothing and accessories to various designers to various price segments for women or men.

First case: An already registered customer logs in. She is fashion-conscious and is interested in the stylish, high-priced segment. The shop welcomes her accordingly with powerful images, price neutrality and emotion. The picture gallery is accompanied by a valuable text, whereby the product recommendation is definitely in the foreground.

Second case: A customer logs in who is very interested in sports products. He is into skater fashion, is price-conscious and prefers to look for bargains. The shop welcomes him directly with an attractive discount campaign. The skater video picks him up emotionally. He gets only the most necessary information. The focus is clearly on the core product.

What advantages does the personalisation option in OXID eShop offer you?

  • Fast, easy entry into AI-based personalisation and the associated business success through conversion increases of up to 25%.
  • Personalisation in the standard of OXID eShop available at the click of a mouse.
  • No separate and time-consuming technical integration.
  • Convenient implementation.
  • Analyse the shop with one click and much more.
  • Everything from a single source: from OXID eSales.
  • Price advantage for beginners compared to the econda original package

bottom line

1 click, get started, save time and satisfy customers. Don’t miss your momentum and take on the subject. Already this year online merchants could feel the effects of artificial intelligence in the online shop. If they are not prepared accordingly in the form of sales losses, because the customers buy where they are served individually. Don’t make getting started harder than it must be. Learn more in our free whitepaper “Personalisation in digital commerce”

Author: Nicole Lipphardt

Nicole studied German and Political Science at the University of Freiburg. After completing her studies, she went directly to Marketing Communications at GE Healthcare IT and later at Testo AG. In these positions she developed deep insights into the various facets of marketing. Nicole now lives out her passion for the editorial field as Content Marketing Manager at OXID eSales AG.