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Top 10 online supermarkets worldwide

There is a report provided by ecommerceDB which points to the top 10 online supermarkets around the globe. Most people consider supermarkets as places where they physically go, push the trolley, and put things in, rather than online shopping and having them delivered, so this comparison is quite unique.

Nevertheless, online shopping for food and beverages is getting popular, especially since the pandemic forced us to turn on the online mode in many aspects of our lives. It is forecasted that by 2025 online sales will increase by 15-20% in this industry.  

Enough theory, let’s check who has conquered the market lately. 

Best of the best supermarkets online – top 10

No.1 tesco. com

This online supermarket outclassed the rest. Tesco was founded in 1919 in the UK and over the years the chain expanded to e.g., Hungary, Slovakia or even Malaysia. Now, over a century later, its eCommerce net sales were 7,588.9 million dollars in 2020 and are expected to reach 10,826.3 million dollars by 2025. What is very interesting, almost 100% of its eCommerce net sales are generated by UK consumers.  


The second place belongs to This supermarket was founded in 1883 in Ohio. What is worth mentioning, Kruger is the fourth-biggest employer in the States. Its eCommerce was launched in 2014 and as you can see it is still doing well! 

Its revenue growth for 2019/2020 was 105.2%! About 10-15% of the US market is covered by this online supermarket. 


Here comes the next UK player. The Sainsbury was founded in 1869 by John James Sainsbury. Over 150 years on the market has brought this supermarket a lot! For example, it conquered the digital world. In 2020, generated 3.6 billion USD. 

In 2017 Sainsbury bought Argos and nowadays, its items are also available to buy on


Here comes the first French representative – Auchan. Its eCommerce site was launched in 2006. 

Its net set growth 2019/2020 amount 80%. The website reached global net sales of 1,203.1m USD in 2020. 


And here we are, another UK player on the list. Ocado Group was founded in 2000 in the UK. Its eCommerce website was launched 15 years later. 

Total revenue growth ’19/’20 was 36.2%. In 2020 net sales was 2,737.8m USD. 


Asda is a supermarket chain founded in 1949, which 50 years later was bought by Walmart. It operates in the UK market, almost all the nest sales come from UK consumers.

The eCommerce was launched a year before the acquisition – in 1998. Last year, its eCommerce net sales reached 2,438.0m USD. 


Now it is time for an Aussie to join the team. This supermarket chain was brought to life in 1924 and nowadays, it’s the biggest player on the market with 33% of market shares. 

The eCommerce website was launched in 2012 and in 2020 its net sales were 1,704.9m USD.  


We are going international, now we move to the Netherlands. In this store – by Albert Heijn B.V you can find local and national-focused items from the category “Food & Personal Care” as well as “Furniture”. 

This eCommerce was launched in 1997 and it is doing very well, in 2020 its net sales were 1,476.2m USD which give it 89th place in the global net sales comparison.


Yet here we are back in the UK. It is the final UK player in this ranking. The company has been in business since 1904. It was designed for high-class clients, attracted to them by the quality of goods. As a matter of fact, the Royal Family receives food and beverages from Waitrose.

Its eCommerce reached 1,292.5m USD of nest sales in 2020, which give 102nd place in the global net sales ranking. 


We end this list with the Australian online store The Coles supermarkets were founded in 1914 and the eCommerce store was launched in 1999. Here you can buy items from categories like “Food & Personal Care” and “Toys, Hobby & DIY”. 

Last year its net sales were 980.7m USD and its YoY growth was at the level of 8.4%.

To recap

Have you heard of these online supermarkets? In this top 10 ranking, there are many UK players, so we can suppose the Brits like to shop FMCG items online. 

Market leaders are great role models, so you can search and analyse their strategies and take some inspiration from their market plans and actions.