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The 15 speakers you cannot miss at the E-commerce Berlin Expo

On the 20th of February, Station Berlin welcomes with open arms the e-commerce elite from all over the world. Each stage will be packed with knowledge, expertise and experience. Deciding who to watch is not the easiest nut to crack, but we are here to help you. Below, you’ll find a list of speakers whose talks you simply can’t miss during the Expo. The list is in alphabetical order!


Christian Borchert – Head of Consumer & App
“From a monolithic desktop focused legacy architecture to a flexible, mobile first and agile micro service solution at (case study)” is Germany’s biggest comparison and search portal for home and living. No wonder that Christian will have a lot of helpful insights to share and follow! During his presentation, you’ll get familiar with a case study (and yes, we all love case studies in the industry of e-commerce!), some “lessons learned” as well as do’s & don’ts for web & app. Get ready!

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Software projects are people & process projects

Rolando Casanova – Managing Director

Cross-border expansion for more e-sales – the game, the players, the success.

If cross-border expansion sounds familiar to you – no matter what the reason is – you should attend this session! E-tailers face challenges and seek answers that Managing Director at Internel will definitely deliver. Rolando is going to share his insights on how to get this done RIGHT and sell more online while not being overwhelmed by freight brokers and courier companies.

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A few things about e-tailers’ challenges

Dustin Coates – Voice Search Go-to-Market Lead @Algolia

50% by 2020: Preparing for the Future with Voice Search

Voice Search is one of the most thrilling trends in e-commerce. If you are as excited as we for the brand new future (is it, actually, the future?) with voice assistants, you should spend some time during Expo on listening to what Dustin has to say about the voice industry. This is a must-have on your Expo list!

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The future of voice search 

Thomas Ficht – Head of Payment MyToys

Making families happy – taking the pain out of paying

Shopping for the latest robots, the cutest dolls, the most stylish shoes or any other present for your kids should be as much pleasure as seeing the spark in their eyes when unwrapping what they craved for. Thomas will explain how myToys ensures that shopping carts full of gifts are not only packed but also paid. He will go into detail how myToys is streamlining its payment procedures to make families AND the myToys CFO happy.

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Payment will be quicker than today and invisible 

Anastasia Hansen – Senior PR Manager @Mister Spex

How and why to go multichannel – A best practice case

No matter if multichannel is just a buzzword for you or actually your next business step – this presentation should be included in your agenda for the day. Anastasia is to cover a strategic and successful approach to omnichannel, and this practice case by Mister Spex can be a true inspiration for many.

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It all comes down to our omnichannel approach 


Thomas Kloubert CMO

How to use Brand and Performance Marketing in Retail? [Case study]

kfzteile24 has about 500 employees, up to 15 colleagues work with me on marketing topics. We are responsible for generating traffic, orders and revenues with performance marketing, offline marketing and brand building. Of course, I hope that my work will draw the attention of many potential customers to kfzteile24 and that we can help them with our car parts inventory in the best possible way.

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Online car parts retailer kfzteile24 aims at €180 million annual turnover 

Shimon Koifman – Head of Product @ reBuy

Product strategy when scaling a company

If you think that re-commerce is just “e-commerce” with a small typo, it’s high time for you to do your homework! Shimon will talk not only about the idea of re-commerce, but also about a special customer journey: as smooth as possible. If you are looking for some ideas for scaling your company or getting better feedback, see you around Stage B at 14:00 on the 20th of Feb.

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The potential of reCommerce is enormous 

Claes Larsson – Operations Lead Retail Core @Zalando

The Pain-Points of Fashion P2P processes, and how to overcome them.

Zalando is such a giant that we shouldn’t really persuade you for ages to attend this valuable session. Zalando, with more than 2000 suppliers, understands that automation efforts are key to continuous success. If you want to know more about process streamlining, this session is just for you. Other than that… it’s Zalando, you know.

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E-Commerce is not a bubble 

Sharon Magen – CEO @DataWit

Human Intuition Vs Marketing Data

Where should we rely on data and where should we use intuition in this process? Sharon, along with his DataWit crew, definitely knows the answer to this question. Where do marketers fail and how can we use machines to overcome these failures? If you are looking for a golden mean, you can find it during Sharon’s Expo presentation.

Erik Meierhoff – Head of B2B Business idealo idealo

E-Commerce Trends 2019 – fear and desire of German online-shoppers

2019 is the year of change: Artificial Intelligence or Voice Commerce are getting more interesting and yet more feasible to merchants. But what do German online-shoppers think about these innovations and changes? Erik Meierhoff (Head of B2B-Business at idealo) got the answers.

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Jeder Kauf idealo 

Judit Pal – CMO @OptiMonk

How AVON’s 3-step on-site messaging strategy boosted its sales by 150%

If you are wondering what to do when visitors leave without buying, you simply need to get around Stage B at 15:50 on the 20th of Feb. This is where and when Judit will explain how crucial is to track visitor’s behaviour in order to increase sales and decrease cart abandonment. No matter if you face this challenge or not: it can definitely come in handy!

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Online stores have special challenges 

Jure Siric – Managing Director @Modepack

Custom packaging & unboxing experience.

Who would have thought that packing… could and should be exciting? This actually is a brand new experience and impression you can make. During his presentation, Jure will focus on the idea of custom packaging, user experience and this exceptional touchpoint that many may forget about. See you there!

Christoph von Bülow – COO HolidayPirates

The Power of Social: How to build your brand without breaking the bank by creating viral content instead

What is the formula to survive and thrive as a travel brand in a world of media monopolies and all-powerful platforms? While most travel companies rely heavily on paid traffic, discover a sustainable manner to build a strong brand presence online and acquire substantial organic traffic through the power of social media.

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Stay close, interact, serve great content. And your customers will reciprocate 

Nich Weinheimer – Vice President @Kenshoo

Amazon Advertising Best Practices Learned from 500+ Clients

Amazon Advertising – is it actually worth giving a try? If you are still in doubts, not watching this session is like missing the boat. Nich is going to tell a word or two about best practices with Amazon Advertising, based on his journey with more than five hundred brands.

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What is the secret to successful Amazon Advertising? 

 Fili Wiese – SEO Expert

Optimizing for Search Bots

Some people say SEO is like Marmite – you love it or you hate it. However, you should definitely understand a thing or two about SEO, and Fili is happy to share his knowledge on the stage! As an ex-Google engineer, he knows how to avoid SEO on-page pitfalls and optimize your website. Get your notes and pencils ready for actionable tips to implement, a big bunch of knowledge is coming!

The E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2019 will take place on Wednesday, February 20 at STATION, Berlin. Doors will open at 10AM. Visitors may enter the expo by registering for a free ticket before the event. For information to the full agenda and all 31 speakers see below.


For more information visit the official E-Commerce Berlin Expo website or contact PR-Manager, Charlene Pham at [email protected]