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E-commerce Berlin Expo Announces All-Star Lineup: Learn from the Best in the Industry!

The E-commerce Berlin Expo is back, and this time it’s bigger and better than ever! This conference is the perfect opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the e-commerce industry. The lineup of speakers includes entrepreneurs, CEOs, and marketing experts from some of the top companies in the DACH region. You’ll have a chance to learn about everything from building a successful eCommerce business to optimizing your website for conversions – like always. Read on to find out about this year’s speakers!

Why should you attend the E-commerce Berlin Expo?

This is the time to bring you and your business to the next level. Our experience, recognition and network resulted in the well-curated agenda, increased number of visitors and top-notch exhibitors, who will all gather in Berlin to share their knowledge and exchange insights.

This is why you shouldn’t miss the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2022 on the 5th of May. To show you even more value, we’ve decided to create a shortlist of speakers – you can also find a full detailed schedule at our website. You simply cannot miss at EBE!

Carolin Wais, Director & Investor @ Plug and Play

Metaverse and its implications for eCommerce

The Metaverse is estimated to develop into a $1billion in annual revenues market opportunity by 2030. Many large brands such as Adidas, Nike or Gucci have started entering the space with own branded worlds, NFT projects and incentive schemes. Especially for eCommerce players, the space offers tremendous opportunities. How did the Metaverse emerge and why has its importance drastically increased in the last year? Which gateways exist to enter the Metaverse? What use cases can brands & retailer apply and how does it boost their revenue? How could a short and long-term strategy be derived? The talk will feature many hands-on examples and is designed for Metaverse beginners and experts alike.

As Director and member of the EMEA Investment Committee, Carolin leads investments in Europe with a focus on B2B SaaS and is responsible for the corporate innovation platform Brand & Retail in Germany. She is excited about Metaverse, Web 3, the FBA space, Future of Work, ECommerce and anything Enterprise Tech. To achieve more diversity in theecosystem, she passionately supports initiatives such as Grace. Some of her prominent portfolio firms include IDNow, Celus, Presize, Etvas, Macai, OkkoHealth, Lollipop or Arbolus.

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Claus-Peter Heinrich, Head of Brand Marketing and Brand Experience @ heycar

Autokauf per Mausklick: Wie man durch Customer Experience Management Vertrauen schafft
[auf Deutsch 🇩🇪 ]

The global online car buying market is expected to reach $722.79 billion by 2030, according to recent market studies. Unlike buying clothes online, buying a car is still a highly involved process and a decision that people only make after carefully evaluating and comparing various factors. A whole series of sometimes more and sometimes less obvious criteria must be met before customers buy a car online. One of the most important is trust. In his lecture, Claus talks about the psychology and requirements of online car buying and what constitutes an optimal customer experience.

Claus is a marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in strategy and execution with a particular focus on the automotive industry. Since 2019 he has headed heycar’s Brand Marketing and Brand Experience team. Investors in the corporate startup include Volkswagen, Daimler, Allianz and Renault. heycar aims to fundamentally change the way we buy cars and create the best car buying experience for customers. Before joining heycar, Claus worked for branding agencies such as Metadesign and Strichpunkt in Europe and Asia for seven years.

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Corinna Hohenleitner, Managing Director DACH @ Criteo
Ulrich Kaleta, e-Commerce Consultant und Interim Manager

Zwei Jahre Pandemie in der Analyse: Welche Trends werden Marketing und Commerce nachhaltig verändern?
[auf Deutsch 🇩🇪 ]

Never before has commerce changed so much as quickly as since March 2020: consumers developed new shopping needs from the home office, full warehouses due to the lockdown promoted a new discount mentality on the retailer side, other retailers primarily had to struggle with delivery problems and traditional chain stores pushed digital competition by entering online business. Are these developments sustainable or are they rather temporary trends? Corinna Hohenleitner, Managing Director DACH at Criteo, takes a look at the insights, trends and experiences of the last two years together with Ulrich Kaleta, who works as an e-commerce consultant with well-known brands such as Birkenstock and the Klingel Group. The two discuss which factors will influence the plans of marketing and commerce managers in the medium to long term. A number-based analysis for all retailers who now want to future-proof their business.

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Dominique Leikauf, Transformation Manager Culture & Diversity @ DKB Service

How to use the full potential – of your current and future employees

The presentation is about seeing the potential in our employees – current and future – and how much of it we are not yet using today. In addition to leadership, a central aspect here is also the structures of the companies – to what extent is diversity allowed and what does diversity actually mean for all of us? New Work, Change, DEI and Culture – all of these actually address exactly what today’s world is all about – people and how we work together collaboratively in the best possible way.

Dominique Leikauf works as Transformation Manager at DKB Service and is a freelance consultant on diversity and inclusion. Before joining DKB Service, she was COO at Global Digital Women. There, she was primarily involved with the topic of gender diversity as well as consulting for large companies and DAX corporations. For a long time, she worked alongside Miriam Wohlfarth at RatePAY, which she joined after her time at Rocket Internet.

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Erik Reintjes, CEO/GF @ MissPompadour
Jason Weißbach, Partner Account Manager @ EXCONCEPT

Content meets Commerce – MissPompadours Einkaufserlebnis für über 250.000 DIY- Begeisterte
[auf Deutsch 🇩🇪 ]

With ecological paints, MissPompadour inspires a cross-media community of over 250,000 DIY enthusiasts to give their home a new coat of color. Whether Facebook group, Instagram account, online shop or WhatsApp advice – according to the customer centricity approach, the focus is always on the user. By combining content and commerce, MissPompadour manages to pick up the community at the right time with informative texts, before and after photos and inspiring videos. In the lecture you will get exciting insights into how MissPompadour implements the mix of content and commerce in the new online shop, which technical features are particularly innovative and how the paint manufacturer achieves a bounce rate of only approx. 1 percent.

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Fabian Nösing, Head of Customer Centric Marketing @

Long time no see: Wie mit langen Sales Zyklen umgeht?
[auf Deutsch 🇩🇪 ]

Many e-commerce stores face the problem that they have very long sales cycles due to their product sortiment. Let’s take a look at how deals with this problem and how you can build an efficient customer relationship despite long sales cycles and make the most of infrequent visits.

Fabian graduated in economics with a focus on commerce & e-business. This was the foundation for his step into the digital industry via an internship at the then Unicorn After that he worked there as an e-commerce consultant and advised shops on conversion rate optimisation. Then he moved into the e-commerce world himself to one of the leading online retailers and first worked there as a advisor to the COO for the areas of marketing and IT before moving to the marketing department as Head of Customer Centric Marketing.

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Fathy Abdelmonam, Product Manager @ Zalando

From a feature request to a problem worth solving. How other teams can inspire your Product strategy?

With every unsolved customer problem, a new company could be born. The company is either trying to solve the identified problem for the first time, or offer a better solution than an already existing one. Think about your current company, and the problem it’s trying to solve, or the customer promise it wants to deliver on. Can you match this to what your product and business teams have been working, and the focus has been consistent throughout the last 6-12 months? Throughout the presentation, we’ll deep dive on how business teams can inspire product teams and the other way around to come up with a strong Product strategy. How to take a step back from dealing with a list of features, and focus on a list of customer problems worth solving And how business and product teams can work together on establishing the right process to separate value creation projects, from value capturing ones, to not only ensure better results for the end customer, which will lead to an impact on the bottom line.

Fathy is a creative and data-driven product manager, with a technical background. Specialist in identifying new growth opportunities with experience working in competitive B2C and B2B verticals. Highly passionate about data, and market trends, that can be used to build and scale products, solving users complex problems and providing a delightful user experience, that contributes directly to the business success and growth rates.

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Julia Denike, Global Head of Markets @ Pipedrive

How to define a successful Go-To-Market strategy that wins the hearts of customers: Pipedrive’s experience and what e-commerce companies and online retailers can learn from it

Julia is a specialist for successful go-to-market strategies as she’s in charge of these projects at Pipedrive (as Pipedrive’s Global Head of Markets) and previously worked at McKinsey where she developed GTM-strategies for a variety for various startups, digital platforms and Adtechs.

As Global Head of Markets was in charge of Pipedrive’s Go-to-Market strategy for Germany. In her talk, she explains what e-commerce companies & online retailers can learn from Pipedrive’s approaches and what they can do to conquer new and existing markets and to make customers love you – from research, to strategy, to execution.

Matthias Genz, Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer @ MediaMarktSaturn

Der “E”mployees Faktor in E-Commerce
[auf Deutsch 🇩🇪 ]

Tech tools are now a dime a dozen. If the business is growing and you want to use these tools successfully in the omnichannel environment, then the focus must also be on the employees. Involving them in the process is key – they are the “E” factor. The presentation will take a look at successful and less successful examples.

Matthias spends his time between MediaMarktSaturn in Saarbrücken and his screening room called “Trarpalast” in Berlin. As a Chief Administrative Officer he is responsible for the implementation of new processes and digital workflows in his five MMS retail stores in the Saarland. Since his first day at MediaMarktSaturn in 2004, he is sharing his expertise and passion and is always celebrating upcoming challenges. Encouraging his employees to think for themselves is a key part of his daily strategy to initiate a participatory change.

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Melvin Dreyer, Diplomjurist und Fachredakteur @ Händlerbund

Recht für Online-Händler – Was ist wichtig und warum?
[auf Deutsch 🇩🇪 ]

Lots of business is done on the internet every day. A number of legal regulations apply to online retailers. Whether general terms and conditions, data protection or packaging law – if everything is to run smoothly and without undesirable consequences, it is advantageous to know a few specific key points. Together we want to get an overview of where there are often problems with the implementation of laws, where there is room for maneuver and when it can become expensive.

Melvin Dreyer has a degree in law and has been a legal editor at the Händlerbund since mid-2018. Here he accompanies legislative processes, blogs and imparts specialist knowledge, especially in consumer and European law.

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Miro Morczinek, CEO of Moebel24

Platform Extreme – the new aera of marketplaces post pandemic (vertical marketplaces, etail marketplaces)

Without pulling down the curtain too early – Miro would like to discuss the view on the changing landscape of eCommerce and the role of marketplaces going forward. The concept of marketplaces is changing and this brings big opportunities but also threats for lots of players on the supply side. One of the topics will be how to co-exist and a lot of analogies can be drawn from W2/content industry – where Google became itself “the market”, when in eCommerce also players become the entire market.

Miro is the Founder of HomeTiger (X24Factory), former Executive at Nvidia, HomeAway, AxelSpringer and Adviqo Group. With an MBA from Harvard, the former Venture Capitalist went on to build 4 leading marketplaces in travel, advertising, consulting and eCommerce.

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MyToys team – Monique Paulsen, Projektmanagerin Payment und Teamleiterin Betrugsprävention and Thomas Ficht, Head of Payment

#BNPL – secret sauce or historic hype?

#BPNL (aka „Buy now pay later“ or „Rechnungskauf“) is currently one of the hottest topics in eCommerce. Companies like Klarna, AfterPay, Affirm… Are valued at billions but what do they have in store for you and your customers? Does Snoop Dogg add the necessary swag to your business or is he about to become just another gatekeeper in eCommerce? Offering Rechnungskauf at own risk for ages and having offered installments with and without service providers at all myToys Group online shops including, and
Monique and Thomas will take you on a roller coaster ride through the #BNPL landscape. From conversion rate highs to fraud attack lows through service provider pitch loopings and free falls into the hard reality of customer experience and acceptance rates. Legal basics will fly by and simple do-it-yourself instructions will be touched before the safe haven of knowing whats best for you will be smoothly reached.

The Paypers prepared a pre-event interview, read it here.

fischerAppelt team – Nina Roser, Head of SEO and Dr. Pascal Volz, Managing Director, digital marketing  

Case study industry-wide B2C product consulting platform with data driven digital marketing

5 competitors join forces to setup and market a user centric website consulting B2C customers looking for a rather complicated solution. For the first time ever users seeking shade for their houses, balconies, and gardens do not need to scroll through hundreds of non-transparent and incomparable offers anymore. With we launched an industry-wide consulting platform jointly with five competitors. On Schattenfinder users get an easy to navigate consulting, filtering available products of all types tailored to the user’s individual needs. We want to show you how we realized this setup with so many competitors, how the consulting logic works in an online environment and how we market this website using 100% digital channels including SEA, SEO, Social Media, Display Ads, and Native Ads. Agile campaigning is applied to achieve maximum performance in this data driven approach. We achieved a teamplay with many stakeholders resulting in a brand new type of user focused sales service with really amazing KPIs.

Philip Kehela, Co-Founder of mokebo

How to run a DTC bootstrapped E-Commerce concept for a complex industry like Home & Living

Revolutionizing a complex industry like the home & living market is not an easy task – especially not as a young startup that has been completely self-financed since the beginning.
In the presentation, Philip talks about how to successfully and profitably navigate complex markets as a self-financed DTC company and shares four crucial habits behind mokebo’s success. Get ready to dive deep and learn about tools, tech, data and assortment.

Philip Kehela is one of two founders of mokebo, a direct-to-consumer brand, and responsible for the units Commercial & Finance. Mokebo seeks to digitalize the still offline-driven Home & Living industry. Driven by vast use of technology and data, mokebo scales a wide range of products, from lamps to couches to the biggest E-Commerce audiences there are in automated fashion. Prior to mokebo Philip Kehela spent over five years at Amazon in Munich and San Francisco working in different positions in Sales, Product & Tech.

Read more in our pre-event interview with Philip here.

Philipp Engelmann, General Manager Omnichannel Business @ KaDeWe

KaDeWe – How to digitize a luxury department store in lightspeed

Asked about the presentation Philipp said:
“When our e-commerce taskforce launched the KaDeWe Online shop in 2020 in less than 12 weeks , it was lightspeed at its best. Honestly, I have never seen or heard something similar in the corporate scene. With every feature we want to launch or with every product we develop, we focus on an iterative and incremental approach to reduce time-to-market significantly. As already mentioned,, the challenge is to find the sweet spot between speed and customer satisfaction. For more insights, join my talk.”

As General Manager Omnichannel Business, Philipp Engelmann is responsible for The KaDeWe Group’s business unit. Prior, he was Head of Product at the online luxury retailer and he has previously gained more than ten years of digital experience as a consultant, founder and product owner. Philipp holds a degree in business administration from Philipps University in Marburg.

Read more in our pre-event interview with Philipp here.

Sakina Hitzemann, Account Manager DACH @ Wish

WISH Marketplace – personalized product feeds & expansion in new territories

This will be a data-driven case study, combining the two main subjects: personalization & cross-border sales. Personalization: this is one of Wish’ strongest USPs and deeply rooted in algorithm. Sakina will share why Wish believe that personalization is extremely important with a growing customer base shopping on mobile (vs desktop). Cross-category & cross-border: Wish is represented in over 100+ countries, that any merchant can cater to. You will have a chance to see growth challenges merchants tackle and the path into finding solutions. The presented case study will include relevant data that accompanies a merchants as well as a products expansion journey, into new categories, new customer base and new delivery regions.

Sakina started her journey with Wish at the beginning of 2021. She had previously worked in various e-commerce roles in Berlin for the past 8 years, but never on the marketplace side. She also spent two years as an entrepreneur building her own online store and selling on marketplaces. The curiosity to understand the e-commerce world from a marketplace perspective appealed to her. In the end, she decided to join Wish because of the growth potential and the exciting opportunity to bring in a lot of own initiative.

However, it is only a drop in the ocean as for interesting speeches during the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2022. If you want to stay in the e-commerce game, you need to join us in Berlin. 

The E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2022 will take place on Thursday, May 5th at STATION, Berlin. Doors will open at 10AM. Visitors may enter the expo by registering for a free ticket before the event.