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Enhancing your online store profits and customer satisfaction with retargeting
Any online store owner knows very well the frustration of investing a great deal of time and money into marketing campaigns, optimization and design for attracting new customers, but in the end only managing to get only a small portion of buying customers. That‘s why many online retailers like yourself are searching for a way to reduce the rate of cart abandonment and to increase the profitability of their marketing…
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Manage your product information in one place by connecting Magento and Akeneo – how we reached the final ‘yeah!’ [case study]
How to prepare the same products for different channels without repeating mundane tasks? How to manage your product information in one place? Case study of connecting Magento and Akeneo by Kaliop. Recently at Kaliop we were tasked with a new Akeneo project, which was an interesting one. Our client, a major South American electrical accessories seller, was looking to expand business from a single Magento 1 store. However a difficult…
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Smartbuyglasses receives over 60,000 questions from every month. How to manage with that amount of request? (case study)
SmartBuyGlasses is one of the world’s largest designer eyewear e-commerce companies and operates over 30 local websites in over 15 languages around the world. Everyday they receive over 60,000 questions from customers every month. These questions come by email, phone, live chat,and social media in many different countries and languages. How can you manage with that amount od data? THE COMPANY OVERVIEW SmartBuyGlasses is one of the world’s largest designer…